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Experience Asteri: Saudi Arabia's Revolutionary Beauty Brand

Asteri represents the pioneering Saudi luxury makeup brand, celebrating the authentic beauty of Arab women in the forefront. Their goal is to dispel myths and offer a contemporary, regional, and feminine perspective on Arabic women.

The brand provides a range of products designed to withstand the ever-changing weather conditions in Saudi Arabia, known as "desert-proof," adapting to extreme heat, aridity, humidity, cold, and wind.

Founded by the Saudi designer Sara Al-Rashed, Asteri is committed to cruelty-free, vegan, and devoid of micro-plastic formulations, with aspirations to attain B Corp certification.

Aura Radiant Concealers and Foundations give skin-like texture to achieve a flawless look while enabling customized coverage of imperfections such as pigmentation, redness, dark circles, and blemishes. Their website offers a "Find My Shade" tool, which assists in finding the right match for your existing foundation or concealer from a range of brands or it walks you through a survey to provide you with recommendations based on your individual answers.

Their Maha Mascara has beautiful packaging and is highly buildable, providing a natural, lengthened look to lashes. It remains smudge-free under the eyes throughout the day, unlike many non-waterproof alternatives.

Every eye makeup needs eyeliner, and Asteri's HERizon Eye Liner, which is smudge-proof and waterproof, is an excellent option. It's available in a dark grayish-black color and comes in an easy-to-use felt-tip liquid form, suitable for both bold and classic cat-eye looks. They additionally provide a pencil kohl liner available in a deep black.

To perfect any appearance, lipstick is an essential requirement. One of their standout products is the Legacy Lipsticks, known for their smooth and shiny consistency that exceeds the longevity of the majority of lipsticks available. These refillable lipsticks boast vibrant pigmentation while also delivering moisturization and a silky finish. Notably, all eight of the accessible shades are named in honor of important women in Al-Rashed's life, imbuing a personal and meaningful element to the collection.

If lipstick is not your thing, then their Legacy Lip Balm represents an upgraded iteration of an essential daily product, enriched with moringa oil, argan oil, and lychee fruit extract to provide intense nourishment. Despite its appearance with glitter-like particles, the balm applies clear and pairs perfectly with their Universal Lip Liners or as a standalone product.

Asteri's product lineup extends to include lip glosses, eyebrow pencils and gels, powder bronzer and highlighters, and a two-in-one blush stick that can also be used as lip color.

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