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Spicing Up Your Nails: The Cinnamon Trend for Autumn/Winter 2023

In 2023, nail trends have seen a significant shift. We moved from vibrant hues to muted tones, the "clean girl" manicure is getting bolder for autumn/winter 2023, with vibrant solid colors replacing pale pinks and nudes. It still emphasizes nail health and a sleek finish but now features the season's hottest shades like soft browns, deep reds, earthy greens, and black. This trend includes glazed layering and subtle embellishments, along with glossy finishes in colors like mocha, taupe, spiced pumpkin, and maroon, making it the season's top choice. Shades like blue and a comeback of frosted metallics are also on the menu.

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Autumn Red

Autumn nails call for cozy red hues for warmth and seasonal allure.

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Mahogany Spice

This red grape-inspired shade offers warmth with brown undertones and a sophisticated, glossy finish.

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Cinnamon tips

Instead of using block colors, opt for tips infused with cinnamon and vanilla cream for an autumnal twist on the vibrant French manicure.

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Dark Micro French

The micro French trend, which began in SS23 with vibrant rainbow hues and hints of pastels, will continue. However, it's taking a cooler turn with jet-black micro French tips and accents of deep autumn shades.

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Tricolor Elegance: Black, Mocha, and Nudes

This rich, warm brown is incredibly shiny and ageless.

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Earthy Charm: Green, Brown, and Beige
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Warm Neutrals: Nudes, Pumpkin and Taupe

This nail trend blends subtlety, spice, and sophistication with elegant nudes, zesty pumpkin, and refined taupe.

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Animal print nails are the next big thing. Layer dark dots over yellow or orange with gel or base coat for a bleeding effect. Brands offer tortoiseshell foils for busy techs.

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Sultry chrome

Chrome texture is a lasting trend with a shift toward less polished looks, such as gunmetal silver with a matte top coat. Simple silver and slightly translucent chrome will be a timeless winter style for those who are not into 3D.

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Enchanted Cosmos

In colder months, expect celestial-themed pearl chrome finishes and iridescent glitters over deep colors, paired with contrasting chromes. Aura/mood-ring nails return in muted teal and chocolate brown.

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Denim Dreams

Denim blue nails capture the essence of classic, versatile, and effortlessly stylish beauty.

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