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We Talk to Jalila From Laith About Slow Fashion & Effortless Style

Laith, founded by Saudi artist Jalila Nayil in 2018, aims to translate her love for minimal design and simple living. With a background as a conceptual artist and designer, Jalila is part of a new wave of Saudi female entrepreneurs showcasing their creative talents. Her passion lies in creating versatile, slow fashion items that can be worn effortlessly from day to night. House of Laith values skilled craftsmanship and artisanal work, ensuring each piece reflects a peaceful authenticity and undeniable quality.

- Your brand, Laith, embodies minimalism and simplicity. How does your background as a conceptual artist influence the designs and ethos behind the brand?
My background as a conceptual artist has deeply influenced Laith's designs and ethos. Conceptual art often emphasizes the idea or concept behind the artwork rather than the physical form, and this philosophy translates seamlessly into Laith's minimalistic approach. Each design is a carefully crafted concept, where every element serves a purpose. My art background taught me the power of simplicity in conveying profound messages, and that principle is at the core of Laith's ethos.


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- The rise of female entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia is truly inspiring. Can you share some unique challenges and opportunities you've encountered as a female entrepreneur in the Saudi creative industry?
As a female entrepreneur in Saudi Arabia's creative industry, I've encountered both challenges and opportunities. While there are challenges related to traditional gender roles, there's also a growing recognition of the value female entrepreneurs bring to the table. The opportunity lies in breaking stereotypes and showcasing the immense talent that exists among Saudi women. By embracing creativity and innovation, female entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia are reshaping the landscape and contributing significantly to the country's creative identity.

- "Slow fashion" is a movement gaining traction worldwide. What inspired you to embrace this approach, and how do you see it resonating with the values of modern Saudi women?
Embracing the slow fashion approach was a natural choice for me. I believe in the importance of mindful consumption and creating items with enduring value. Modern Saudi women, like women everywhere, appreciate quality over quantity. Slow fashion aligns with our values of sustainability, ethical production, and timeless style. It allows us to cherish the artistry and craftsmanship behind each piece, resonating deeply with the appreciation for heritage and tradition that is integral to Saudi culture.


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- The emphasis on skilled craftsmanship and artisanal work is evident in House of Laith's collections. Can you share a memorable story or experience from your journey working with artisans?
Our collaboration journey extends beyond traditional artisans. We embrace a diverse range of talents, including influencers, photographers, and designers, who contribute their unique perspectives to curate our pieces. This collaborative effort enriches our creations, blending heritage with contemporary vision, and ensuring that each piece not only preserves our cultural legacy but also resonates with the modern aesthetic sensibilities of our audience.


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- Transitioning effortlessly from day to night is a key feature of your designs. What do you believe is essential for a versatile wardrobe, and how does Laith cater to the dynamic lives of women today?
A versatile wardrobe is all about timeless pieces that seamlessly adapt to different occasions. At Laith, we focus on creating multifunctional designs that exude elegance and sophistication. Fabrics that breathe and move with the wearer, coupled with versatile silhouettes, are essential. Whether it's a professional meeting during the day or a social event at night, Laith's designs empower women to express their individuality with grace. We believe that versatility is the key to a modern woman's wardrobe, allowing her to navigate her dynamic life with confidence and style. 

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