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Fatimah Al-Shaikhi: A Maritime Maven Inspired by the Red Sea's Embrace

For Fatimah Al-Shaikhi, the allure of the sea isn't just a fleeting sentiment; it's a lifelong passion, deeply anchored in her soul. As a pivotal member of Red Sea Global, her role as a Senior Logistic Coordinator is more than just a job—it's a reflection of her love for the maritime world.

Navigating a demanding work routine, Fatimah balances her time between the confines of her office and th horizons of the sea. This often means journeying between Jeddah, her family's abode, and Umluj. While some may find the seclusion of island work challenging, for Fatimah, it's just another day in her maritime haven. “Our fleet boasts impressive vessels, some ferrying thousands of laborers daily, while others, known as landing crafts, transport hefty materials to island projects,” she notes with evident pride.

Yet, her achievements aren't limited to operational successes. Instrumental in launching a maritime upskill training program, Fatimah's initiative enabled the hiring of 44 local boat captains and logistics coordinators. For her, this isn't merely a hiring statistic; it's a testament to empowering the local community and fostering growth opportunities.

Reflecting on her roots, Fatimah fondly recalls her formative years in Jeddah, where the Red Sea's calming waves were a constant backdrop. The town of Doga, nestled on the Tihamah shores, was her childhood playground, and her father's speedboat adventures remain some of her cherished memories. “Even though I never envisioned this career path, looking back, every memory seems interwoven with the sea,” she muses.

For Fatimah, the sea isn't just her workplace—it's her sanctuary. An avid swimmer and a volleyball enthusiast, she believes in starting her day with a splash. “The sea is my muse, and sports are my anchor,” she smiles.

In the vast expanse of the maritime industry, Fatimah Al-Shaikhi stands out, not just as a professional but as a woman profoundly inspired by the sea's timeless embrace.

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