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Wadi bin Hashbal's Sustainable Farm: A Beacon for Self-Sufficiency and Conservation in Saudi Arabia

In the heart of Wadi bin Hashbal, nestled in Saudi Arabia's southwest Asir region, a sustainable farming marvel is reshaping the country's agricultural narrative. Despite Saudi Arabia importing nearly 80% of its fruit, this farm is ambitiously striving to tilt the balance. With an annual output capacity of 60 tons encompassing fruit, field crops, and fodder, this venture is more than just a farm; it's a testament to the Kingdom's vision.

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Recently acclaimed by the Guinness World Records as the world's grandest sustainable farm, its vast stretch spans 3.2 million square meters. Under the watchful eye of experts, the farm employs treated water in a phased manner for irrigation, ensuring minimal strain on freshwater resources. This approach not only addresses the Kingdom's water scarcity concerns but is also a stride towards safeguarding the sustainability of farming.


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Boasting over 14,000 trees, the model farm proudly showcases five temperature-controlled greenhouses, myriad structures, and 50 verdant fields marked for fruit trees. With plans underway for reclaiming another 20 fields, the farm is an oasis of diversity, producing a cornucopia of fruits like lemons, tangerines, pomegranates, and more.

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Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Mujthal, a key figure at the Ministry of Environment and Water’s Asir branch, praises the farm's monumental success. “This exemplifies Saudi Arabia's unwavering dedication to sustainable farming and environmental stewardship," he remarked. For Al-Mujthal, this isn't just about cultivation; it's about envisioning a sustainable, self-sufficient future. He believes that these modern farms, with their cutting-edge irrigation and cultivation techniques, can be a guidebook for local farmers, echoing the sentiment, "Food security is a matter of national security."

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As per the World Wide Fund for Nature, agriculture is a colossal global industry. Yet, it's sustainable endeavors like this that truly underline the importance of conserving resources, especially in regions grappling with challenges like water scarcity. For Saudi Arabia, sustainable development isn't just a goal—it's a pathway, a commitment to a greener future, as evident in their Vision 2030 strategies.

This sustainable farm is not just an agricultural milestone; it's a beacon, illuminating Saudi Arabia's journey towards self-reliance and environmental harmony.

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