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Riyadh Fashion Week Merges Tradition with Tech

Through Augmented Reality Collaboration with Snapchat

In an exciting first-time collaboration, Riyadh Fashion Week and Snapchat come together to offer a high-tech spin on fashion. Showcasing the masterful creations of five eminent Saudi designers, the Tasawar exhibition uniquely melds the tangible and virtual, using augmented reality to take visitors on an immersive fashion journey.

Running from Oct. 21 to 24 at the King Abdullah Financial District, the spotlight is cast on prominent Saudi brands: Aram Designs, Atelier Hekayat, Hindamme, Kaf by Kaf, and Abadia.

Snapchat’s Saudi CEO, Abdullah Al-Hammadi, proudly shared insights about this groundbreaking exhibition, revealing its unique status as the Middle East’s pioneer in blending tech with the sartorial realm. Visitors to the Tasawar exhibition can delve into individual rooms dedicated to each Saudi designer, unveiling their stories and the innovative use of augmented reality within.

Atelier Hekayat takes inspiration from the timeless elegance of French toile fabric, painting their room in stark black and white to mirror the brand's essence. In a nod to Snapchat, a singular yellow ensemble adorns the space, marking the platform's contributions. Alya and Abeer Oraif, the creative minds behind Atelier Hekayat, reflect on their participation : “Our showcase at Tasawar weaves in tales from our ancestors, echoing the vintage charm of old Jeddah.”

A highlight for visitors is the transformative filters within these spaces. These augmented elements alter room themes, drawing visitors deeper into the inspirations and visions of the showcased designers. They can even indulge in a virtual dress-up, donning the designers’ outfits.

Stepping into Aram Designs’ space is akin to entering a traditional Saudi home from the Najd region, where vibrant hues narrate tales of heritage. Owner Arwa Al-Ammari articulates the blend of tradition and tech, "With Snapchat's AR technology, visitors can virtually step into my designs. My room, echoing elements of Saudi culture, is inspired by Aram, and decorated reminiscent of Najd’s architectural nuances."

This collaboration is a testament to the fluidity of fashion, seamlessly interweaving past legacies with the future of technology. It’s not just a fashion showcase ; it’s a cultural and technological spectacle.

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