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Gaza's Women in Crisis: Motherbeing Steps Up to Address Dire Health Needs

Humanitarian challenges mount every passing moment in Gaza. The unique health concerns of women frequently fade into the shadows. The escalating aggression in Gaza has driven women to resort to distressing ways such as using chemicals to delay their menstrual cycles due to the unavailability of essential sanitary products.

The crippling blockade has left the Gazans with limited access to water, making personal hygiene an added challenge. For menstruating women, this lack of basic sanitation and menstrual products can be perilous, posing the risk of infections and even severe conditions like toxic shock syndrome.

Adding to the health challenges, the UNFPA Palestine Situation Report states that over 50,000 pregnant women reside in the Occupied Territories. These expectant mothers are confronted with the grim reality of delivering babies amidst bombings and without adequate sanitary resources, further compounded by the essential postpartum care needed to manage bleeding.

Amidst this harrowing backdrop, beacons of hope like the Egyptian reproductive and women’s health clinic, Motherbeing, emerge. Founded by the compassionate Nour Eman, Motherbeing has initiated a campaign to gather menstrual hygiene products for the women and girls of Gaza. Through a heartfelt video, Eman accentuates the grim repercussions of not having access to these products. The clinic's ambitious goal? Collecting 10,000 pads of varied types at their Maadi-based location in Cairo.

Further extending their outreach, Motherbeing, in a touching Instagram post, conveyed their offer of free online consultations to Palestinian women. This gesture seeks to address the medical concerns related to reproductive health. With nearly 32,000 pregnant women in Gaza alone, this initiative highlights the relentless spirit of Motherbeing in ensuring that every woman, irrespective of circumstances, has access to essential healthcare.

For those keen on joining this noble cause but are unable to personally visit the clinic, there's a way. A selection of apps, including Amazon, Noon, Breadfast, Rabbit, and Instashop, can facilitate the delivery of pads to the Motherbeing clinic, from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Saturday to Tuesday. The call for compassion has a deadline - Wednesday, Oct. 25. Let's rally behind Gaza's women, ensuring they do not stand alone.

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