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The Endless Desire Collection by Jacquie Aiche x Shanina Shaik

Capturing the moments of sheer enchantment brought to life

Luxury jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche, announces the launch of its latest collection - Endless Desire, in collaboration with iconic Australian model Shanina Shaik. The collection, which promises an array of exclusive pieces available on, seamlessly integrates Shanina’s luminous aura with the brand’s signature designs, inspired by the ceaseless beauty of Mother Nature.

Born from moments of sheer enchantment, Jacquie Aiche and Shanina Shaik have delicately crafted each piece to evoke a sensation of timeless allure. Transitioning effortlessly from day to night, the collection invites wearers to embrace a beauty as enduring and captivating as nature itself.

Jacquie Aiche, reflecting on this collaboration, highlighted the profound connection between Shanina Shaik's radiant energy and the essence of the Endless Desire collection. “Shanina has an energy that is undeniably luminescent, paired with a soul so deeply rooted to the Earth. The beauty she brought to these jewels illuminated from the inside out,” said Jacquie.

The Jacquie Aiche x Shanina Shaik Endless Desire Collection resonates elegance and grace ensuring that wearers exude an allure that remains undiminished, no matter the setting.

The Endless Desire Collection launched on 2nd October 2023 and is available online at

For more information and the full list of stockists, visit

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