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AlUla Wellness Festival Stages Its Comeback This October

The AlUla Wellness Festival, set in the ancient city of Saudi Arabia, is making a comeback this year, scheduled to run from October 19 to November 4. Hosted by AlUla Moments, this fortnight-long event presents a diverse range of workshops and activities aimed at enhancing health, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of the historic city.

In its third edition, this year's festival will introduce the Five Senses Sanctuary, a specially curated retreat with the goal of engaging and stimulating all five senses. It aims to immerse participants in a comprehensive journey of self-discovery and personal transformation, as explained by the organizers. The retreat welcomes corporate groups, friends, and families.

Nestled in the western Saudi Arabian region of Hejaz, AlUla captivates with its breathtaking natural landscapes, accentuated by the presence of Islamic architectural marvels and traces of pre-Islamic Semitic civilizations. This profound connection with nature renders AlUla an exceptionally fitting backdrop for the wellness festival.

In addition to the signature retreat, the festival offers other activities, including detox packages that encompass spa treatments, exercise routines, and dietary plans for durations of three or five days. There's also a four-night retreat designed for couples.

The festival guarantees an infusion of cultural experiences as well. At the AlJadidah Arts District, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, widely regarded as a prominent contemporary Japanese artist, will present an art installation called "Brilliance of the Souls." This installation is part of her "Infinity Mirror Room" series, which immerses viewers in a world of endless reflections.

Guests can also participate in a heritage restoration experience, learning about mud brick dwellings and the people who once inhabited them. Workshops on gardening and other environment-related activities are also part of the festival's offerings. The event concludes with a 4-kilometer silent hike through the stunning AlUla desert.

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