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Kylie Minogue Shines In The New Jimmy Choo/ Jean Paul Gaultier

Launching today, global pop sensation Kylie Minogue stars in the Jimmy Choo / Jean Paul Gaultier campaign - uniting an incredible trinity of pop cultural legacies to bring this unique collaboration to life.

Kylie’s deep and long-lasting connections with both Jean Paul Gaultier and Jimmy Choo make her the natural choice to showcase this fashion fusion - she has performed in multiple made-to-measure Gaultier looks, while Sandra Choi has created custom shoes for her for over 30 years.

“Fashion for me has always been about collaboration with like-minded creatives, and pure personal self- expression. Jean Paul Gaultier and Jimmy Choo have both been part of my fashion journey, and I’m thrilled to work with both of them to celebrate this exceptional collection. It’s our collective histories fusing, to create something fresh and new.” - Kylie Minogue

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