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3 Reasons To Start Drinking Gold Collagen Everyday

The ultimate beauty hack to achieving flawless beauty

Collagen is a vital protein found in our bodies that helps maintain the elasticity and firmness of our skin. As we age, our skin tends to lose collagen which leads to visible signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, dull complexion and sagging skin. Therefore, it is crucial to safeguard the collagen in your skin from a young age.

The award-winning, liquid collagen supplement, Gold Collagen offers one of the easiest ways to improve skin health and achieve glowing and youthful skin. Fatma Ahmadi, the expert at Gold Collagen lists three reasons to start drinking your collagen today and the secret to getting that glow:

Start in your 20’s
If you’re in your 20’s, start now! Although your skin health depends on genetics, it is best to start taking collagen as a proactive method to promote healthy skin ageing. Pure Gold Collagen is a liquid, skin, hair and nail health supplement expertly designed for women to wish for beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Not only will drinking this help fight the early signs of aging, but will also help boost your natural collagen, elastin and hydration levels that decline over time.

Supports Gut Health
Your gut plays a significant role in skin health and a healthy gut can lead to a healthier skin. A key feature that sets Gold Collagen apart from others in the market is its availability in liquid form, which is most easily absorbed by the body, ensuring maximum benefits. Collagen drinks improve gut health as well as overall health and well-being. For best results, take Gold Collagen on an empty stomach in the morning and avoid eating for 30 minutes afterwards.

Use it especially if you’re in menopause
Just because you didn’t start a collagen supplement in your 20’s, doesn’t mean it’s too late to start. Menopause brings about changes in your entire body, including skin tone, texture, age spots etc. Gold Collagen Forte is enhanced with 2X more moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid compared to the Pure Gold Collagen formula and when taken during menopause it provides the body with the key building blocks to produce collagen naturally and counteract the appearance of ageing.

Taking inspiration from Japanese beauty rituals that include a blend of collagen, antioxidants, and active ingredients, Gold Collagen will enhance your skin's elasticity and natural collagen production. Created without sugar or preservatives, they are also suitable for Halal and Kosher diets.

The range is available for purchase via and leading pharmacies in the region.

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