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Saudi Production 'Sukkar' Is Unveiled in Grand Riyadh Premiere

The film "Sukkar" premiered in Riyadh after successful showings in Cairo and Dubai, hosted by MBC Group. The event at Muvi Cinemas in Boulevard Riyadh City featured stars interacting with fans and taking photos before the screening, attended by actors, reporters, and film industry notables.

"Sukkar" is a cinematic reimagining of the famous 1912 novel "Daddy-Long-Legs," which had earlier been transformed into a hit film starring Fred Astaire in 1955. The story revolves around the journals of a group of youngsters living in an orphanage, working together to overcome the hardships imposed by their strict overseer, Ratiba.

Hajar Mohammed, a Saudi actress playing the role of Tina, a reserved orphan aspiring to improve her life, shared her excitement for her debut in a major film. She was thrilled by the enthusiastic audience. Moataz Hisham, the Egyptian actor portraying Tarik, a young footballer with dreams of stardom, also eagerly anticipated the film's premiere in Riyadh.

The film showcases an exceptional ensemble of actors, including Yasmina El-Abd, Hajar Mohammad, Wedeema Ahmed, Maria Jumaah, Moataz Hisham, Mohammad Al-Harbi, Bavly Remon, and the twin talents Abdullah and Omar Khaled. Additionally, it includes original songs penned by Hamada and a score composed by the Egyptian composer Ehad Abdel Wahed.

Heba Mashari Hamada, the creator of "Sukkar," serving as both its writer and composer, aims to craft a remarkable musical that fosters secure, lasting, and joyous childhood memories.

Wadeema Ahmed, an Emirati actress in the role of Najma, revealed the difficulties of filming in diverse locations, with production occurring in Egypt while her home base was in the Emirates. Nevertheless, she deemed the journey worthwhile.

Each set, which included everything from the city and sewage pipes to the orphanage and Fruto Palace, was carefully planned. The décor and props for the film were all specially created for this undertaking. With support from Egypt's Aroma Productions, "Sukkar" was created by MBC Studios and marketed by Empire Entertainment in Beirut.

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