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Inspiring Famous Arab Women's Journeys in Battling Breast Cancer

Every person who undertakes the journey of recovery from breast cancer experiences a path that is uniquely their own. This journey encompasses distinct approaches to treatment, individual responses to the physical and emotional challenges that arise, and unique strategies for coping with the profound changes that this disease brings to their life. One thing that greatly helps boost one's mindset, combat feelings of isolation, and dismantle the stigmas surrounding breast cancer is when beloved known personalities, who have also faced this disease, openly discussed their experiences and promote awareness about breast cancer.

Allow me to introduce three famous Arab women who have shared their courageous journeys in battling breast cancer.

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Elissa, world-renowned Lebanese singer, shocked her fans and the entertainment industry in 2017 when she revealed her breast cancer journey. Marked by treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy, her experience served as an inspiration to many facing similar challenges. In 2018, she shared her battle with cancer in a moving song and video titled “Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni (To Those Who Love Me)”, where she expressed the struggle and strength emanating from this fight. The singer advocates for breast cancer awareness and encourages her fans to reach out for support while emphasizing the importance of early detection of the disease.

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Basma Wahba

Basma Wahba is an Egyptian television presenter who openly shared her battle with breast cancer. While praying, Wahba noticed a lump on her chest and had it checked through a mammogram, which revealed cancer in her breast. She underwent a mastectomy and a yearlong treatment. Wahba stresses the importance of mental health support in breast cancer and encourages women to get regular checkups and prioritize self-care.

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Zahrah al-Kharji

In 2005, Kuwaiti actress was diagnosed with breast cancer and endured two long years of treatment before emerging victorious in her battle against the disease. What is remarkable about her is that in 2014, she shaved her head in solidarity with cancer patients to highlight the strength, both inner and outer beauty, of all individuals enduring these challenging times. She wanted to convey the message that they are not alone in this fight and that they possess remarkable strength. As she says: “Hair falls off and then grows back; the most important thing is to maintain a good spirit.”

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