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Effat College of Humanities Hosts First Global Digital Humanities Conference

Effat College of Humanities in Jeddah has successfully concluded its first-ever International Humanities Conference, which revolved around the theme "Digitalizing the Humanities: Contemporary Ethical Challenges."

Students and a wide range of local and international participants from various backgrounds and specializations were able to join in a variety of conversations during the conference. These conversations not only brought to the forefront the ethical dilemmas arising from the digitalization of the humanities but also put forth teaching strategies for incorporating digital literacy while preserving fundamental educational values.

Dr. Linda Maloul, the dean of Effat College of Humanities, underlined the college's dedication to leading the way in the digital transformation of the humanities. She expressed, "The ongoing digitalization of our world and the impact of technology on education have given rise to new and unprecedented ethical challenges. The college acknowledges the necessity of bringing together scholars, professionals, and students to address these challenges and find solutions in the realms of digital media and digital mental health."

She added, "The conference provided a unique opportunity for scholars, professionals, and students to delve into the ethical challenges brought about by digitalization in the humanities. The insightful discussions and proposed strategies will contribute to the advancement of our society and the integration of technology while upholding our core educational values."

The goal of Effat College of Humanities is to graduate students who will not only be creative and morally upright professionals in their disciplines but also champions of equality and societal well-being. Dr. Stephen J. A. Ward, a renowned media ethicist, philosopher, and author of 11 books on public philosophy and media ethics, stressed the significance of incorporating human values and ethical issues into the digital environment.

During the conference, attendees enthusiastically participated in panel discussions and sessions that delved into the ethical dilemmas and potential opportunities posed by technology and digital media. The initial session concentrated on the convergence of technology and mental health, thoroughly examining the prospective advantages, obstacles, and ethical quandaries within this domain.

In the second session, a variety of presentations covered subjects like the depiction of psychopaths in movies, the reflection of values in American satirical TV programs, and the values expressed in foreign animated films dubbed in the Arabic language.

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