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Saudi Arabia's Women's Football Club Taps New Support

History is being written in Saudi Arabia's sports arena, as the country's pioneering women’s football club, Eastern Flames FC, also known to many as Shua’lat Al-Sharqia FC, forms an impactful collaboration with the esteemed Almana Group of Hospitals. This union, announced recently, signifies more than just a backing. It embodies a progressive stride in both promoting women’s sports and dismantling societal barriers in the Kingdom.

Stationed in Dammam and igniting the flame for women's football since its inception in 2006, Eastern Flames FC has always stood as a beacon for aspiring female footballers in the region. Now, with the support of the Almana Group, renowned healthcare providers in the Eastern Province, the team is poised to soar to greater heights in the upcoming Saudi Women’s Premier League 2023/2024, kickstarting on October 13.

In this collaboration, Almana is not just a name on the jersey; they are a promise of safety and well-being, vowing to provide top-notch medical services to the players throughout the matches.

Saud Mansour Almana, the chief procurement officer of Almana, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, expressing, “For us at Almana, it’s more than just a collaboration. We see this as our way to stand by our community, championing the rise of women in sports. Our alliance with Eastern Flames FC reflects our unwavering commitment to healthcare excellence and our dedication to fostering women's football in the Eastern Province.

”Echoing the sentiment, Maram Albutairi, the esteemed chair and CEO of Eastern Flames FC, emphasized the harmonious alignment of values between the two entities. “With Almana Group of Hospitals on our side,” she said, “we’re not just partnering with a healthcare leader; we're aligning with a group that resonates with our club’s ethos. This partnership underscores our mutual commitment to women's sports, our beloved Eastern Province community, and most importantly, it signifies a transformative moment for women's football in Saudi Arabia.”

As the sun rises on October 13, a new chapter will begin. With passion, medical prowess, and unwavering support, Eastern Flames FC, backed by Almana Group, is set to redefine the landscape of women’s football in Saudi Arabia.

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