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Diriyah Unveils Youth Storytelling Contest To Celebrate Saudi Heritage

The second Rawi Diriyah competition, an endeavor to honor Saudi Arabia's rich history and customs, is open to young, aspiring storytellers from the Kingdom. This competition, which was put together by the Diriyah Gate Development Authority and the Ministry of Education, is available to middle and high school students. The competition will run until January 2024, and interested participants may register up to November 14. Exeed, a luxury SUV brand by Chery, a car manufacturer that just made its debut in Saudi Arabia, is happy to be this year's event's sponsor.

Through the craft of storytelling, the Rawi Diriyah competition aims to highlight and celebrate Saudi Arabia's rich cultural and historical history. This contest is essential in ensuring the stories of Diriyah and Saudi Arabia are preserved and passed down for future generations to treasure. The competition strives to cultivate a profound understanding and admiration for Saudi culture among the youth of the Kingdom, aligning with the ambitious Vision 2030 objectives. Additionally, it aims to inspire a new generation of storytellers who will continue to pass down the tales of Diriyah's heritage.

As a result, the competition fosters the growth of young people's storytelling abilities while also teaching them useful life lessons and developing a sense of community. The competition will be overseen by the DGDA and the Ministry of Education to make sure that the participants adequately communicate Diriyah's rich heritage.

The competition, along with the wide range of stories it presents, serves as a testament to their deep sense of pride in Saudi Arabian society and its rich historical heritage. Beginning in late 2020, the first Rawi Diriyah tournament piqued the interest of 250,000 students. The entries were narrowed down by the judges to 12 finalists who shared their accounts of historical Saudi personalities, characters, and customs during an awards ceremony held against the idyllic setting of the historic At-Turaif.

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