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Purrfection Found: The Cat Garden in Alkhobar - A Feline Lover's Paradise

Should you ever happen to visit Villaggio Village in Alkhobar and desire a moment of relaxation accompanied by some truly impressive feline friends, make it a point to drop by The Cat Garden. Amid the continuously changing world of pet-focused cafes that have emerged throughout the Kingdom in recent times, this establishment stands out.

Diverging from the norm in the Eastern Province, The Cat Garden is not a fusion of dining and veterinary services or a mere pet supply shop. Instead, it serves as a dedicated sanctuary for one singular purpose: indulging in quality time with cats.

The operating principle here is as straightforward as it gets. You enter, pay for the amount of time you wish to spend, engage in play with these charming creatures, and when you've had your fill of feline frolics, you depart.

To ensure a harmonious experience, visitors are kindly requested to complete a brief form outlining the do's and don'ts. The diligent staff will also inquire about allergies and gladly answer any queries you may have. All guests are required to don plastic shoe coverings and utilize the readily available hand sanitizer.

After the initial formalities, you're free to enjoy the company of these fluffy companions, each with its distinct personality. Some enjoy relaxed petting, while others are full of lively energy, bounding about with enthusiasm. Notably, all these feline residents reside on-site, but the managers ensure that those in the public area are rotated to prevent undue stress on any one of them.

The Cat Garden is open Monday to Saturday, from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm.The pricing structure is designed to be accessible, with SR25 (approximately $6) granting you a quarter-hour of blissful cat companionship, or you can opt for a half-hour for SR35. If you wish to pamper your newfound friends further, there's an option to purchase delectable treats for an additional charge.

For a closer look, check out their Instagram @CatGarden_KSA, where you'll find heartwarming photos of visitors bonding with their charming feline hosts.

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