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Art Jameel Seeks Emerging Curators Through Its Open Call

Art Jameel, based in Jeddah, invites curators for a May 2024 Red Sea exhibition, aiming to showcase diverse art and foster cultural exchange. The selected curator will lead the planning and presentation, emphasizing the region's rich arts scene.

The exhibition's main goal is to explore Hayy Jameel's local geography and history, focusing on themes like Red Sea connections, shared geographies, histories, ecosystems, and the exchange of people and ideas. Curators are urged to submit proposals highlighting these themes, particularly in countries linked to the Red Sea, like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Palestine, and Jordan.

In close collaboration with Art Jameel, the selected curator will have direction and support for all phases of the exhibition's creation, including production, design, logistics, and installation. Art Jameel invites curators from all over the globe whose work relates to these subjects to submit suggestions.

Art Jameel pledges to cover all expenses associated with the exhibition's creation, installation, and marketing. The selected curator will receive a curatorial fee of around $10,000, plus travel and lodging costs. Additionally, Art Jameel will fund artist fees and cover their travel and accommodation, removing financial barriers to this artistic project.

The open call is primarily looking for emerging curators, who are individuals who have graduated within the last three to five years, have little institutional experience, are not already employed by large arts organizations or museums, and so on. Applications from groups are encouraged and the submission cutoff date is October 15, 2023.

Applicants must be available for multiple trips to Jeddah for research, collaboration with Art Jameel, and exhibition oversight. Curators cannot showcase their own artwork. Applications should include a brief curatorial statement, a comprehensive exhibition proposal aligning with Hayy Jameel's mission, research review, artwork checklist, artist profiles, a writing sample, and a CV detailing relevant experience.

The lengthy history of Art Jameel benefits artists and communities that value culture. Be part of the movement. Join Art Jameel in shaping culture, fostering artistic vision, and making your mark on the ever-evolving canvas of the arts.

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