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Job-Seekers Discover Job Opportunities At Riyadh Career Fair

On Friday in Riyadh, the 9th iteration of the "A Step Ahead" career fair came to an end as hundreds of job seekers had a chance to learn more about various employment opportunities. In a single location over the course of three days, the event brought together employers, job seekers, and professionals. It provided opportunity for job seekers to present their abilities and participate in on-the-spot personal interviews, mostly by digital methods at most booths.

About 120 group counselling and career coaching sessions were held throughout the fair. Additionally, a parallel scientific conference titled "War of Talents" was organized for human resources leaders, featuring numerous specialists from the human capital industry.

The fair included a dedicated pavilion showcasing Saudi Arabia's mega-projects, attracting a significant number of visitors. The National Strategy for Culture's initiatives were shown, and the Ministry of Culture and its related organizations showcased the creative and cultural history of the Kingdom while providing insights into Saudi art.

Numerous job seekers also stopped by the pavilions of the General Organization for Social Insurance, the Royal Commission for AlUla, and the Ministry of Defense. In parallel, a conference gave Saudi entrepreneurs and notable individuals a stage on which to speak with job seekers about their experiences.

One enthusiastic attendee, Sarah Al-Tasan, embarked on her job search journey in the field of cyber-security after graduating from the MAS Institute in May, and having improved her English language skills abroad. She commended the active participation of the organizations at the fair, describing it as an uplifting and positive experience. Sarah submitted her resume to multiple companies and noted that they expressed genuine interest in her specialized skills.

Abdulrahman Al-Dawsari, a Qassim University graduate with a bachelor's degree in English, attended the fair upon his brother's recommendation. He was optimistic about securing a job opportunity and believed that the fair's initial days would be the most crowded, as employers sought to attract talent for their vacant positions.

He advised the unemployed to attend such employment fairs and actively explore job opportunities, emphasizing the commitment of fair participants to connect with potential talents. 

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