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Adidas Joins Forces With Saudi Artists For Innovative Ad Campaign

Saudi creativity is once more dominating the world's cultural scene, thanks to a groundbreaking initiative by sportswear titan Adidas. The famous brand has just recently unveiled its latest global platform that highlights the skills of 17 innovators from various fields like cuisine, fashion, art, music, and cinema.

The campaign, titled "We Gave the World an Original, You Gave Us a Thousand Back," enlists a number of the Kingdom's most prominent celebrities, including film director Ali Kalthami, muralist Noura Bin Saidan, and fashion designer Mohamad Bajbaa.

Kalthami, whose debut feature film, "Mandoob," earned critical acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival, is gearing up for a theatrical release across the region in December. What makes this collaboration with Adidas particularly remarkable is that it marks his very first venture with a global fashion brand. Reflecting on his journey, Kalthami shared, "I've been approached several times, but I always felt it wasn't the right moment and held back. I was conservative and didn't want to step into the spotlight. Now, as I approach my 40s, I made a promise to myself to embrace more joy, and Adidas is synonymous with fun. Growing up in Riyadh, Adidas was a part of our daily lives, even during our school days. To me, it symbolizes originality, innovation, health, and all these values are integral to my life and the lives of countless Saudis. I never expected this, but I'm immensely proud to be part of it."

This groundbreaking campaign, presented under the Adidas Originals banner, places a spotlight on several iconic sports shoes from the brand's heritage collection, including the Samba, Gazelle, and Superstar. In a previous successful collaboration, Adidas partnered with Dubai's beloved Ravi Restaurant, founded by Chaudary Abdul Hameed, to create a shoe inspired by its Superstar brand, which garnered worldwide acclaim.

For Noura Bin Saidan, trainers unintentionally evolved into an extension of her artistic expression as the pairs she wore while working on her pieces ended up covered in colourful paint. She eloquently expressed, "Shoes are an integral part of my artwork, especially because with each completed piece, my shoes transform and bear the marks of my creative journey, as if I'm wearing different shoes each time."

In essence, Adidas' latest global brand platform not only reaffirms Saudi Arabia's prominence in global culture but also serves as a testament to the brand's enduring influence and appeal across generations. This collaborative endeavor celebrates originality, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of Saudi talent, firmly placing them on the world stage.

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