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Boots Middle East Launches No7's Most Anticipated Beauty Range In The UAE

Created following 15 years of research into skin ageing and repair with the University of Manchester, No7 Future Renew™ contains a world-first super-peptide blend proven to harness the skin’s natural repair process

No7, the UK’s best-kept beauty secret brand, part of Boots Pharmacy, announces the launch of No7 Future Renew™ in the UAE; a collection of four skincare products proven to reverse the appearance of multiple signs of skin damage.

The range contains a new ‘super peptide’ blend that is proven to harness the skin’s natural repair process and the renewal of over 50 key proteins in skin cells. The super peptide blend – which represents the biggest cosmetic science innovation in No7’s history – contains two brand-new chemical entities, a patent-pending world-first technology that cannot be found in any other product.

No7’s new super peptide is set to be one of the most effective and tolerated skincare ingredients on the cosmetic market. Unlike retinoic acid, which is known by dermatologists to cause tolerance challenges such as skin sensitivity and redness, No7's new super peptide is both highly potent and highly tolerated, being suitable even for those with sensitive skin. This paves the way to highly effective skincare being available to even more people.

At the heart of the collection is the No7 Future Renew™ Repair Serum, clinically proven in a blinded split-face controlled trial to reverse the appearance of multiple signs of skin damage across a range of skin types and tones, including fine lines, wrinkles, lack of luminosity, dryness, uneven skin tone and loss of firmness. 97% of women in the clinical study had improvements in the appearance of multiple (3 or more) visible signs of skin damage. Patent applications have been submitted and are pending for both the new peptides and the delivery system found within the serum.

The new super peptide technology has been met with excitement from the global scientific community with the technology being presented at three world-leading scientific conferences this Spring including the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Conference in Louisiana, the British Society for Investigative Dermatology (BSID) Annual Meeting in Glasgow and the International Societies for Investigative Dermatology (ISID) meeting in Tokyo.


No7 Future Renew™ Serum is proven to reverse visible signs of skin damage in just four weeks. Visible signs of skin damage include the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven tone and texture, dry skin, and less elastic and firm-feeling skin.

It contains No7’s new super peptide blend, as well as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, mulberry, and hydrolysed rice proteins.


No7 Future Renew™ Day Cream is proven to protect against UV and reverse visible signs of skin damage, such as the feeling of dryness and loss of elasticity. It contains SPF40 for damage prevention, No7’s new super peptide blend, an antioxidant blend, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and rice proteins.

It intensely moisturises the skin for up to 72 hours, and within 1 week of use, users reported brighter, healthier, more supple skin.

No7 Future Renew™ Night Cream is expertly formulated to support the skin's natural self-repair process while sleeping and reverse visible signs of skin damage. It contains the new super peptide blend, along with other key nourishing ingredients including shea butter, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid.

This night cream helps reverse the appearance of uneven tone and texture, dry skin, and lost elasticity. It deeply moisturises for up to 72 hours and delivers instant results with more nourished, softer, and smoother skin. In as little as one week, users reported their skin felt supple and texture more even.

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than elsewhere on the face, meaning it is more susceptible to damage.

Expertly developed for the delicate eye area, No7 Future Renew™ Eye Serum reverses visible signs of skin damage in 8 weeks.

In addition to No7's super peptide blend, the eye serum also contains hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, vitamin C, an antioxidant blend, and rice proteins. In one week, the appearance of fine lines is reduced, and after four weeks, the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness is reduced, and skin tone looks more even.

The No7 Future Renew™ range is available across UAE and Kuwait at Boots stores, (UAE) and (Kuwait) from 26th September 2023.

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