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GENNY's SS24 Milan Fashion Show Is One To Remember

Sara Cavazza Facchini, the visionary Creative Director of GENNY, marks her illustrious 10-year journey with a tribute that transcends the boundaries of elegance.

Shades of white come to life in an infinite, measured, and captivating dance, revealing the heart and soul of GENNY's Spring-Summer 2024 collection.

Known for her deep affinity for white, Sara Cavazza Facchini ingeniously explores the interplay of luminosity and the female form, casting white as the quintessential color that defines her artistic journey. A trailblazer since her inception at GENNY, she now celebrates this remarkable milestone.

The SS24 collection embodies an exquisite sense of weightlessness and tranquility, materializing an aura that accompanies the life of a consistently radiant woman.

Within this artistic realm, the revelation of the body takes center stage - it doesn't merely unveil but delicately emerges from carefully chosen fabrics like silks, chiffons, georgettes, crumpled cottons, and carded linens. These fabrics converge to craft a mesmerizing, fluid narrative for GENNY's Spring-Summer 2024.

Sara Cavazza Facchini's stylistic prowess ensures that physicality enjoys boundless expressive freedom. The collection features body volumes that are present but never restrictive, where soft lines allow for graceful movement. Imagine stepping into a tropical oasis - GENNY's SS24 unfolds within an orchid garden, an embodiment of the brand's sensuality.

Two timeless elements embellish the collection: the presence of precious metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, adding a tangible allure, and the iconic orchid, which metamorphoses into embroidery, brooches, and a secondary signature identity. A standout piece in the collection is the orchid-chiseled metallic bodice, symbolizing the transition from the ethereal to the tangible, propelling Genny's glamorous journey forward.

Accessories play a vital role in harmonizing with nature's beauty. A tapestry of weaves defines belts, bags, and footwear. The Block Chain, a seasonal favorite, reappears as the embodiment of knitted fabric, creating anticipation among GENNY's community, which includes celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.

For Spring-Summer 2024, echoing the theme of cozy luxury, the Block Chain is adorned with crystals and embellished with metal laminations, elevating it to a pinnacle of refinement.

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