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Introducing Three Contemporary Saudi Artists

Celebrating these three artistic voices on Saudi National Day!

Saudi Art world has flourished in recent years. Here are three Saudi artists promoting contemporary art related to their homeland and the Arab world.

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AlKheriji's work encapsulates interwoven elements reminiscent of various painters and art movements. His art amalgamates aspects of Picasso's cubism, hints of Matisse, and echoes of Condo. Yet, what sets AlKheriji apart is his distinctive and contemporary twist on these influences. He seamlessly incorporates these inspirations into his work, infusing it with unique elements of Arab, especially Saudi Arabian, culture and heritage. This combination gives his pieces a distinctive and captivating character that truly stands out.

AlKheriji tells a story through his paintings and portraits, presenting details of Saudi Arabian culture and fashion that may not be widely known. With artworks exhibited on a local scale but also in Boston and London, AlKheriji showcases the essence of Saudi customs rooted in art on a global scale.

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Lulwah Al Homoud is regarded as a foundational figure in the Saudi Arabian contemporary art movement. Her work is both distinctive and intricate, seamlessly blending elements of Islamic art, calligraphy, mathematical processes, geometry, and cultural heritage. Within her pieces, one can observe striking contrasts in light and colour, as well as abstract yet precisely defined patterns, resulting in a harmonious complexity.

Her minimalist and abstract artworks delve into various aspects of discourse and spirituality. Al Homoud's work has garnered international recognition and holds a respected position within the global art community, exerting a significant influence on Saudi Arabia's art scene. She introduces a contemporary dimension to Islamic Art, providing it with a fresh interpretation.

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Renowned artist Manal AlDowayan's creative passion is driven by a profound desire to brilliantly portray Saudi society, with a particular focus on the integral role played by women within it. Using a spectrum of mediums, most notably photography and mixed media, she skilfully captures the often-paradoxical dynamics between politics, customs, traditions, and the present-day Saudi society.

In a series of photographs, AlDowayan highlights women’s active participation in various societal roles traditionally associated solely with men in Saudi Arabia. These black and white portraits feature a woman alongside props such as a tennis racket or a scuba diving mask, offering a minimalist yet effective way to underscore the defiance of gender norms. One of her most famous works is 'Suspended Together,' a heartfelt piece advocating for women's freedom within her homeland.

AlDowayan’s work is currently being exhibited in Los Angeles until the 24th of September 2023. Additionally, she recently received the Award of Visual Arts as part of the National Cultural Awards in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

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