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Dr. Ghadah Al Harthi: Economic and Cultural Values are Flourishing in Saudi Arabia

London Seminar Highlights Saudi Arabia's Flourishing Art Scene, Role of Vision 2030

Cultural and economic values in Saudi Arabia are on the rise, reflecting the success of the country's ambitious Vision 2030, according to Dr. Ghadah Al Harthi, a Saudi cultural advisor and academic based in London. Al Harthi spoke at a seminar organized by the British Saudi Society, held at the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce. The event saw participation from notable figures in European and Middle Eastern art and culture sectors.

Al Harthi, who specializes in innovation and culture at the University of Arts in London, shared insights from her research and academic projects on the development of the Saudi cultural economy. She elaborated on how Saudi Arabia is turning its cultural skills into tangible economic assets. "The individual creativity of Saudis is now an economic driving force," she said.

She also presented a comprehensive analysis of the needs of the Saudi art and cultural sectors. This included a call for enhanced artistic sponsorship and inter-disciplinary cooperation in the arts and culture fields. Al Harthi emphasized the need for a strategic international presence to showcase Saudi art and culture.

"The seminar served as a platform for highlighting the robust growth of Saudi Arabia's art and cultural scenes," Al Harthi said. She also noted that the event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with experts in the field.

The seminar underscored the role of the British Saudi Society in fostering cultural dialogue and collaboration between Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Al Harthi concluded by saying the event successfully spotlighted the emerging Saudi art and culture sectors. 

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