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Saudi National Day: Extraordinary Trips in the Kingdom for Weekend-Long Celebrations

As this year's much-awaited Saudi National Day approaches on the 23rd of September, it is the perfect time to spend a weekend exploring the most sought-after destinations across the Kingdom. Luxury destination management company ROAM invites travellers to mark the occasion with a selection of six bespoke weekend breaks ranging from the peaks of Abha to the depths of the Red Sea. All packages are completely customisable to meet individual needs and wants, for a truly bespoke experience.

Saudi National Day is a momentous public holiday, commemorating the unification of the Kingdom. The 93rd year of Saudi National Day is set to be a memorable occasion as Vision 2030 dreams are becoming reality. The public holiday offers the perfect reason to spend a long weekend creating cherished memories whilst reflecting on Saudi Arabia’s rich history and vibrant culture.

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Luxury in Riyadh - Duration: 3 days
As the nation’s capital, Riyadh is at the heart of Saudi National Day celebrations each year as the city comes alive with firework displays and airshows. Riyadh offers a seamless blend of tradition and innovation, with exclusive access to the city's renowned restaurants and landmarks when booking with ROAM.

ROAM’s Luxury in Riyadh weekend package includes:

  • Day 1: Delve into the history of Riyadh on a guided tour with a knowledgeable, local architect followed by marvelling at the iconic skyline on a private tour from the Kingdom Tower Skybridge.
  • Day 2: Join the celebrations at one of the events taking place across the city or enjoy a private guide visit in Diriyah, the old previous capital of the kingdom.
  • Day 3: Unwind and explore the tastes of Riyadh during a private dining experience in one of the capital’s esteemed restaurants such as Scott’s, Chi Spacca or Madeo
  • Accommodation: Famed for its unrivalled service the Four Seasons located in the Kingdom Tower is the perfect place for a luxury weekend in the capital.
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A Weekend in AlUla - Duration 2 days
Experience the majesty of AlUla for Saudi National Day. Amidst the backdrop of stunning archaeological wonder, AlUla transforms into a partnership of heritage and contemporary celebration. Over Saudi National Day AlUla becomes home to the annual Azimuth Music Festival, hosting world-class international and local talents.

ROAM’s AlUla weekend package includes:

  • Day 1: By day, tour the Kingdom’s first UNESCO world heritage site Hegra by a vintage Land Rover. For those hoping to attend Azimuth ROAM can arrange private transfers to the event.
  • Day 2: Relax beneath the palm trees as you wander the Heritage Oasis Trail before taking a guided walking tour of the ancient city of Dadan. Or for an adrenaline rush swing 85 metres above the ground on AlUla’s Giant Swing.
  • Accommodation: Stay in one of Banyan Tree’s luxury private villas if visiting Friday-Sunday or for those visiting for Saturday and Sunday Habitas, a haven nestled in the canyons of the Ashar Valley is the perfect location for luxury celebrations.
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A Red Sea Getaway - Duration: 3 days
Elevate your Saudi National Day experience to new heights with a private yacht charter for the weekend. Travellers can marvel at the beauty of the pristine waters and breath-taking coastal views.

ROAM’s Red Sea weekend package includes:

  • Day 1: Ease into the deck life and take in the mesmerising views of Jeddah's striking cityscape during the evening, and enjoy the sunset with a snorkelling adventure.
  • Day 2: Set sail to the captivating Al Lith island, where unspoiled beaches and expansive waters await. Explore renowned attractions like the enchanting shipwreck at Shoiba beach and the vibrant marine life hub at Shib Habil, a famous whale shark hotspot.
  • Day 3: Immerse yourself in a thrilling encounter with marine wonders with shark cage diving or unwind on deck with a sunset yoga session followed by local delicacies prepared by an onboard chef.
  • Accommodation: Pershing 88’ yacht, accommodating up to nine guests—a perfect arrangement for a voyage across the Red Sea.
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Jeddah Art-Inspired Getaway - Duration: 3 days
Art lovers can immerse in the vibrant tapestry of Jeddah's vibrant art scene with ROAM bespoke art experiences in Jeddah. Embarking on a creative journey through the city's diverse galleries, exhibitions, and street art that beautifully reflects the spirit of Saudi Arabia, travellers can marvel at contemporary masterpieces, engage with local artists, and witness the intersection of tradition and innovation.

ROAM’s Jeddah art weekend package includes:

  • Day 1: Visit Angawi House and delve into the city's latest exhibitions and explore local galleries in the esteemed company of talented artists, listening to captivating stories that illuminate Jeddah's leading role in Saudi Arabia's thriving art and cultural development.
  • Day 2: Admire the architecture in Al Balad while learning the background of the craft and the city's restoration project steeped in history.
  • Day 3: Explore the tastes of Saudi in Jeddah’s thriving foodie scene or dine in some of the city's finest restaurants in Jeddah Yacht Club.
  • Accommodation: Stay at the boutique Shirvan Hotel, featuring design elements inspired by the Kingdom’s heritage.
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A Weekend in Abha - Duration: 3 days
Nestled in the heart of the Asir Mountains, Abha offers a unique and unforgettable experience for travellers seeking to immerse themselves in the stunning landscapes of Saudi Arabia. Abha's natural landscape paints a picture-perfect backdrop for patriotic celebrations.

ROAM’s Abha weekend package includes (tailored to preference):

  • Day 1: Witness the sunset from Abha High City, followed by a visit to Abha Gala, a remarkable pop-up restaurant.
  • Day 2: Commence the day by exploring the majestic Soudah Mountain. Afterward, delve into the ancient customs and folk tales at the historic village of Rijal Almaa.
  • Day 3: Immerse yourself in the creative realm at the Fatima Museum, where you can admire the abstract art of Al-Qatt Aseeri women, an art form proudly acknowledged on UNESCO's Intangible Heritage List.
  • Accommodation: Stay at Citadines Hotel or a Private Villa, both located in a prime location for exploring Abha’s natural attractions.
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Taster of Taif - Duration: 3 days
Infuse Saudi National Day celebrations with the essence of true enchantment in Taif. Nestled in Sarawat Mountains, Taif offers an idyllic setting to honour the nation's pride. Picture-perfect weather, fragrant rose gardens, and captivating cultural experiences await as you revel in the heart-warming spirit of Saudi Arabia.

ROAM’s Taif weekend package includes:

  • Day 1: Experience the Al Hada sunset, wander through the quaint lanes of Taif Al Balad, uncovering lively night markets and the city's distinctive local flavours. Capture timeless memories under the stars with a professional photographer.
  • Day 2: Delve into the heart of the region by visiting a local farm, indulging in Taif's signature local delicacy, cheese, and honey. Later, join a guided trek along scenic paths in the tranquil allure of Taif's natural beauty.
  • Day 3: Immerse yourself in Taif's cultural tapestry at the Sharif Museum, delving into the captivating traditions of its people. Engage in an exclusive visit with Safwan, a world-record-holding key craftsman, to learn the significance of this ancient art form.
  • Accommodation: The Le Reve five-star hotel boasts chic aesthetics, a revitalising spa, and a rooftop restaurant offering sweeping views of the vibrant Shihar Street.

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