How Instagram’s ‘Rich Russian Kids’ Live It Up

So this is how "minigarchs” lead a truly luxe lifestyle.

We’ve seen ostentatious displays of wealth from extremely rich youngsters living in cities like London and Dubai. Yet another Instagram account, "Rich Russian Kids," features photos of how heirs and heiresses outrageously spend their parents’ fortunes. The account that sees them sharing jaw-dropping images of their luxurious lives has a whopping 551k followers and is run anonymously by someone known as Richie Rich.

Whether they’re on private jets, yachts, helicopters or taking a ride in one of their supercars, the kids of Russia's rich oligarchs aren’t afraid to flaunt how they travel in style. You can also see how they spend all those Rubles holidaying in the world’s top hotspots, buying flashy watches and jewellery, partying with magnums of the best champagne and choosing exotic pets as companions. As money usually equals power, one even shares a selfie he snapped with President Vladimir Putin.

With people undoubtedly fascinated by the self-indulgent lifestyles of the rich and famous, the “Rich Kids” craze continues to be very popular, keep scrolling to see why.


Вылетаем с мамой в Ниццу Ph by @anita_pavlova ⠀ #RichRussianKids ⠀ #RRK ⠀

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These Russian beauties don’t have to worry about running into traffic. 

There’s nothing like a colour-coordinated snap featuring a super sleek car and a beautiful landscape. 

They’re leaving on a jet plane, but do they know when they’ll be back again? 

Even the pets get to live la dolce vita. 

A trip to Hollywood is never a bad idea. 

Isn’t that the most perfect way to unwind? 

The weather in LA is much better for shopping! 


Уже пообедали? Пустые ланчбоксы? Ph by @lerazhuravleva ⠀ #RichRussianKids ⠀ #RRK ⠀

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There’s no point of going anywhere if you don’t have a room with a view. 

Running out of champagne while partying in London is never on the cards. 

Being an oligarch’s daughter means you always have to take a step in the right direction. 


А вот и беженцы с Донецка подъехали Ph by @alex_mykh @amg_01_amg ⠀ #RichRussianKids ⠀ #RRK ⠀

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Dubai is the best place to catch some rays. 

Life is always more interesting when you look at it from a different perspective. 

Flowers always add a special touch to a picture. 

Summer holiday vibes are always welcome, especially when a boat and Saint-Tropez are in the mix.  

Cheers and here’s to the good life. 

When you wake up in Vegas, anything is possible. 

Some Russian-style fashion is a surefire way to stand out. 

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