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Why You Should Visit Armenia During The Long Weekend this September

From scuba diving to shopping, there are a myriad of things to do in Armenia.

September is the perfect time to visit Armenia, with low-cost flights from the UAE and a long weekend coming up on 29th September, now’s the time to book a few days of affordable travel and adventure!

A short 3-hour flight from Dubai, Armenia is a hidden gem that’s recently caught the attention of everyone from celebrities to travel experts and promises a world of ancient wonders, breathtaking landscapes, fabulous food and beautiful mild Autumnal weather when temperatures in the UAE are at their peak.

A land of stone monasteries and golden sunsets – if it’s scenery you’re after then Armenia is just the place – from the mountain-scapes of the Armenian Highlands where rugged peaks and rolling hills give a way to serene lakes and valleys to winding cobblestone streets and cute cafes, this destination is seriously Insta worthy.

A nation which embraces centuries-old traditions, Armenia is full of charm. In the capital city of Yerevan you’ll find historic churches alongside contemporary art galleries. Take a stroll down uber cool Abovyan Street where the aroma of freshly brewed Armenian coffee blends with the buzz of boutiques and restaurants. Armenian cuisine is a delicious fusion of flavours that reflects the country’s diverse history and geography. You can not only taste but also take a part in cooking classes, making traditional Armenian dishes such as khorovats (grilled meat skewers), dolma (stuffed grape leaves), ghapama (stuffed pumpkin) or baking Armenian traditional bread- lavash (a particular favourite of the Kardashian sisters who love to shout about their Armenian roots).

September is the perfect time to explore Armenia’s natural wonders. The stunning Lake Sevan, often called the ‘Jewel of Armenia’ is one of the largest freshwater alpine lakes in Eurasia. Completely surrounded by permanently snow-capped peaks, there are villages scattered around its shoreline with plenty of hikes to conquer and viewpoints to discover. The mystical Geghard Monastery, carved into the cliffs of the Azat River Gorge, is a stunning UNESCO World Heritage site while the Garni Temple is a pagan marvel surrounded by dramatic rock formations.

If action and adventure is your thing then the southern edge of the Sevan lake is suitable for swimming and there are boats, jetskis, SUP’s kayaks and sea bikes for hire – you can even join guided freediving, scuba diving. Or if you prefer life in the fast lane, head to the Garni gorge for quad biking quests or take a off-road tour to Dimats mountain in Tavush province!

Whether you’re an intrepid explorer or a history buff, a foodie or you just want a couple of days away somewhere authentic and gorgeous – Armenia has something for everyone. Time to get packing!

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