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Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones On Saudi National Day

Each year, September 23rd marks Saudi National Day, and for this particular year, we aim to ensure an added level of special treatment and indulgence for our esteemed Saudi ladies. To celebrate Saudi National Day in 2023, we've put together an adorable and sophisticated gift selection to pay tribute to the Saudi queens who hold a special place in your heart.

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Amarah Aries Organza Trench

AMARAH reimagines romance in the modern era with sophistication, seamlessly blending luxurious materials with impeccable attention to detail.

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Bea Bongiasca Jewelry

Italian jeweler Bea Bongiasca's designs combine modern pop culture influences with Eastern aesthetics, creating wearable masterpieces that fuse diamonds, Japanese pearls, topaz, 9kt gold, and lacquered enamel into charming everyday fashion pieces.

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Dal Abaya

Embrace the evolving world of abayas with a unique piece from Dal. Dal is dedicated to serving the modern woman with its bold and innovative abaya designs. Their collections effortlessly combine elegance with contemporary, cutting-edge styles, empowering every woman to confidently embrace her bold side.

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Forever Rose

Celebrate Saudi National Day with Forever Rose's iconic roses in the Saudi flag colors. Choose from two sizes and capsules for your 2023 gifts.

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GUERLAIN Patchouli Ardent Fragrance

Patchouli, a captivating element with a global appeal, infuses this exquisite fragrance with its radiant essence. Its dried leaves emit a potent, multifaceted woody aroma, evoking exoticism and refinement. At its heart, the rose, an emblematic flower of oriental fragrances, harmonizes with patchouli to create a sensual and enchanting blend.

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Hiba Jaber Jewelry

Celebrate Saudi National Day with their unique emerald and diamond necklace shaped like the Saudi map, the hanging diamond initial necklace with green enamel or choose the Bold Infinity Enamel Ring for this special occasion. Order now to get it in time for Saudi National Day!

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Malone Souliers Sandals

What a great way to celebrate Saudi National Day than by wearing green mirror heeled sandals c rafted from stunning cracked leather. Henri's captivating design blends elements from both the past and the future helping you effortlessly showcase your patriotic spirit while still maintaining a stylish look.

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Maria Tash Fine Jewelry

Maria Tash, the renowned celebrity piercing specialist, has designed a collection centered on the nation's flag's unique green color. Opt for a timeless Triple Long Black-Green Opal Spike Diamond Eternity Hoop Earring that effortlessly blends punk and sophistication in equal measure.

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Patchi Chocolates

Patchi presents exclusive Saudi National Day gifts. These delectable, crispy treats are adorned with layers of chocolate and wafers. Choose from an array of boxes in different sizes or the Magical Mug KSA National Day, with Chocolate Spirales.

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