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Diptyque's Latest Exclusive Scent Pays Homage To Arabian Heritage

Two new fragrances have recently made their debut in a captivating tribute to the enchanting Middle East. Diptyque, a renowned brand known for its olfactory masterpieces, has unveiled these aromatic wonders, each offering a unique journey through the scents and landscapes of the region.

The first of these exquisite creations is Eau Nabati, a masterful fragrance inspired by the expansive and captivating Arabian desert. This fragrance is a poetic exploration of the Middle East's diverse and picturesque landscapes, an olfactory journey that beckons wearers to embark on a sensory adventure.

Eau Nabati opens with a vibrant burst of citrusy bergamot and petit grain, immediately transporting you to the sun-drenched deserts of Arabia. These invigorating top notes give way to the rich and inviting aromas of amber and balsam, mirroring the multifaceted nature of the Middle Eastern terrain. From the arid deserts, where the scorching sun meets the unforgiving sands, to the verdant oases filled with lush trees, the perfume's contrasting scents evoke the illusion of a mirage. As the fragrance evolves on your skin, it unveils a delicate layer of immortelle flowers, infusing a tantalizing warmth that leaves an indelible mark.

In addition to Eau Nabati, Diptyque has introduced another captivating creation, Eau Rihla. This fragrance is an aromatic homage to the bustling Arabian markets, where the air is thick with the captivating scents of spices and exotic treasures. Eau Rihla weaves together notes of pink peppercorn and atlas cedar, evoking the vibrant atmosphere of these bustling bazaars. Complementing these spicy elements are the luxurious hints of iris, vanilla, and saffron, paying homage to the Middle East's most adored scents.

For those eager to experience the magic of Eau Nabati, the fragrance is offered in a 75ml bottle available at select locations in Dubai, including Diptyque Dubai Mall, Bloomingdale's, Yas Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and online via Ounass.

Diptyque's origins are rooted in the creative vision of Christiane Gautrot, Yves Coueslant, and Desmond Knox-Leet, who transformed their Parisian boutique into a treasure trove of fabrics and exotic finds. As demand for their unique offerings grew, they ventured into the world of scented products, launching their iconic candles in 1963 and the unisex eau de toilette, L'Eau, in 1968. The brand's enduring success can be attributed to the alchemy of creativity, intuition, and meticulous attention to detail that has shaped their aromatic legacy.

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