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The Decadent Dessert That Found Instagram Fame

If you’re snap-happy and have a sweet tooth, CATCH Dubai’s ‘Hit Me’ is a dream come true.

We’ve all witnessed people excitedly snapping photos of their restaurant orders the moment they arrive. And the odds are you’ve been that person too. Food photography’s allure is undeniable, and we can’t seem to get enough of looking at delicious treats.

And the saying "we eat with our eyes" seems more relevant than ever thanks to the foodie culture across social media, just check out how many posts there are on Instagram for #food. As things have been gaining momentum in recent years, we’ve become much more enlightened about foreign food and all kinds of culinary delights. Plus, we’ve seen numerous food fads, ranging from rainbow cheese toasties to cloud eggs.

At CATCH Dubai, Chef Bobby and his team prepared a heart-shaped version of the classic dessert for the romantic month of February, the delicious filling was bright red and spilled over to present the perfect date sharing pudding

If you’re searching for your next food-inspired post and happen to live in Dubai, or are planning a visit, you’ll be thrilled to know it’s home to one of the restaurants offering the most Instagrammed desserts in the world. So zooming in on Hit Me, a dessert offered at CATCH Dubai, located in the Fairmont Dubai, is a surefire way to get those notifications lighting up. As its name implies, a quick tap of the tower, which is loaded with chocolate brownie, chocolate cake, roasted white ice cream and a Klondike bar (choc-ice), results in a lava-like river of sweetness over your plate. With all the photo prospects it provides, it doesn’t come as a surprise Hit Me has reached a magnificent 64.3m viewers on BuzzFeed Food.

The iconic dessert is presented in many shapes and colours for special occasions

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