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2 Luxury Spa Vacations to Try Now

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Are you looking for a break that’s beneficial to mind, body, and spirit? There’s nothing like a fabulous spa getaway, the ultimate respite to unwind, re-energise and focus on your wellbeing. While spas can be found everywhere, finding the best requires astute research. If you’re looking for something on the opulent side, AboutHer has you covered with these two blissful ‘me time’ options.


Nestled in the heart of the Turkish Riviera and perched on rolling hills overlooking the Aegean Sea, Bodrum’s Spa Caresse is just a short-haul flight from the Gulf. What’s more, the spa was named top ‘Luxury Destination Spa’ at the World Luxury Spa & Restaurants Awards and was nominated as Turkey’s Best Resort Spa in 2016. 

The 1,600m2 spa is part of Caresse Resort & Spa Bodrum, a member of The Luxury Collection®. All the boutique property’s rooms and suites, as well as the King Villa, have private terraces. Plus, guests have inspiring views of the gorgeous Mediterranean coastline everywhere, including the outdoor Jacuzzi, infinity pool or private beach. Apart from the standout traditional Turkish hammam, the spa has several treatments, all of which start with a revitalising mint foot ritual. Here are some of the indulgences the wellness centre, which often uses locally sourced indigenous herbs, offers.

Caresse Rose Experience: This starts with a thorough scrub of the skin using a traditional mitt called a kese, followed by a rose soap foam massage, a nourishing marine mud body mask, refreshing rose hair cleanse and a cool soothing rose ice ritual.

Shirodhara: A form of Ayurveda therapy, Shirodhara involves pouring liquids gently over the forehead.

Caresse Retreat: Clients’ senses are invigorated with this two-hour treatment that involves a natural salt scrub infused with spearmint and menthol. As if that isn’t enough, it is followed by the resort’s trademark poultice massage.

Drift Away: This deeply therapeutic four-handed massage focuses on the scalp, neck and feet, using pressure point techniques to provide a feeling of total relaxation. The 40-minute ritual ends with a sleep-inducing tea infused with indigenous herbs from the region and a soothing lavender eye pillow.

Back Scalp Massage: Renowned as the “Hero” treatment, this experience delivers triple results by targeting three key areas: the back, the face and the scalp.


Clinique La Prairie, a world-renowned wellness destination and medical clinic in Montreux, Switzerland, has been a popular choice for royalty and rock stars for decades. Celebrity clientele, including Mick Jagger and Marlene Dietrich, have found it the perfect spot to rejuvenate while relishing the purity of the Swiss mountains and being surrounded by a peaceful environment for utmost relaxation.

Clinique La Prairie uses a holistic and scientific approach for its Master Detox Program ™, which flushes out toxins, helps you feel re-energised and stimulates longevity. The personalised week-long programme, which activates the body’s self-healing ability, ultimately leads towards a healthier lifestyle. The Master Detox Program ™, which is carried out under strict medical supervision, is based on three core principles: innovative Swiss genetic testing, a personalised nutrition plan and result-focused spa treatments. Here’s a day-to-day lowdown of the deep cleansing experience that helps nurture health and inner wellbeing while quieting the spirit, leading to a visibly evident new, radiant self.

(Day 1) A full body check-up is done under the careful supervision of the medical team, along with a genetic test, heavy metal screening, blood tests and a body composition test.

(Day 2) Dieticians plan a personalised programme focused on metabolism and nutritional micro-equilibrium, aimed at correcting any possible deficiencies and finding the right pathways to detox for you.

(Day 3) After examining and treating your body, it’s time to get some loving attention with result-oriented spa treatments, massages, facial cleansing, cellular photo-stimulation and yoga.

(Day 4) A second appointment with a dietician is booked to focus on how your body is feeling and deciding the next beneficial steps for the long-run. 

(Day 5) From purification to regeneration, your body is brought to a new level of awareness, with a result of the DNA analysis conducted earlier. The analysis is a necessary step in understanding how your body works to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste and identifying any potential cardiovascular risks.

(Day 6) On your last day of treatment, you get to discover the magic of “Chrysalis.” The detox wrap, a Clinique La Prairie exclusive, completes your journey to purification.

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