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Lebanese Trailblazers Deserving Of Your Attention In The Realm Of Innovation

AboutHer highlights the exceptional talent from Lebanon that transcends geographical boundaries.

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Vanessa Abboud, DJ

Lebanese DJ celebrated for her energetic rhythms and unique style, expertly blends vibrant colors and sounds. She has captivated audiences at renowned local venues, collaborated with luxury brands like Jimmy Choo, and even launched her own fashion line, VNSA.

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Nour Flayhan, Illustrator

This skilled illustrator adeptly weaves visual narratives that reflect her cultural heritage, providing a means to convey and rediscover her origins. In high demand by esteemed brands like Gucci, Flayhan explores symbolic, magical, natural, and sentimental themes while highlighting the emotional connection between commonplace items and the human psyche.

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Joumana Haddad, Journalist and Human Rights Activist

This celebrated author, journalist, and activist has made significant contributions to literature and human rights. With over 15 acclaimed books, such as "I Killed Scheherazade" and "The Third Sex," she has passionately advocated for freedom, gender equality, and secularism for over 20 years. Her youth-focused organization fosters social justice, equality, tolerance, and citizenship, advancing society's intellectual development.

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Yasmina Hilal, Photographer

Hilal's artistic endeavors revolve around analogue photography and collage. Through constant exploration of composition and techniques, she skillfully integrates mixed media and unusual artefacts, crafting aesthetically arresting pieces that evoke curiosity and engage the senses.

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Zeina Mechaalany, Makeup Artist

The talented makeup guru enhances fashion editorials and campaigns with her impeccable attention to detail, employing artistic finesse and precise contours. She has developed a reputation for her exceptional collaborations by working with well-known individuals like Mohammed Hindash.

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Amar Sibai, Architect and Digital Creator

Sibai, an architect and digital creator, has enraptured audiences in the region with her unique aesthetic and creative methods. Utilizing online platforms, she seamlessly blends architectural expertise with fashion aesthetics, delivering a visually captivating and inspiring journey.

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Lara Zankoul, Visual Artist

Zankoul, a prominent interdisciplinary visual artist, stands among the industry's luminaries, boasting an avant-garde perspective infused with surrealist elements. Despite being self-taught, she embarked on her creative journey at 21 with her first camera and has consistently mesmerized audiences ever since. Zankoul's innovative tableaus showcase her artistic talent whether they be in fashion, fine art photography, 3D animation, or NFTs.

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