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Discover Saudi Arabia's Top Six Beaches You Simply Must Visit

Explore Saudi Arabia's family-friendly beach destinations for a memorable getaway with loved ones. Enjoy sun, sand, and sea at these stunning coastal spots

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Al Fanateer

A modern, sprawling shoreline with lush parks and jogging tracks, offering pristine waters and tranquil walks. Families picnic by fountains, and diverse restaurants cater to all tastes. While shore fishing can be challenging due to the beach's popularity, scuba diving with an instructor allows exploration of the ocean's marine wonders.

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Situated approximately 40 kilometers away from Jazan city, you'll discover an archipelago comprising over 80 islands, with the largest one being Farasan. Renowned for its rich biodiversity, these waters boast unspoiled coral reefs and a plethora of fish species, attracting diving enthusiasts; note that there are no dive centers on Farasan Island, so you should come equipped with your snorkeling gear.

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Named after its crescent shape, this pristine beach is not to be missed when in Dammam. Plan a family day out with sunbathing, swimming, sand dune rides, water sports, and adventure activities. The beach offers amenities like a play area, restrooms, and showers. Enjoy water adventures in Al Khobar, and nearby, find upscale resorts and restaurants for exotic dining and luxurious accommodations.

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Consider visiting Umluj during the period from September to November when hotel rates tend to be more affordable. You can enjoy a leisurely day by kayaking in the pristine waters of the "Maldives of Saudi Arabia," trying scuba diving, or simply relaxing on the sandy beaches.

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Uqair Beach stands as one of the limited tourist spots in Al-Ahsa, offering an excellent family retreat during the winter season. Guests have the opportunity to fish and prepare their catches using the available barbecue facilities. When the temperature rises, ancient stone structures provide a comfortable shade while allowing you to relish the sea vistas. The beach is equipped with chairs and ample open space for children to play.

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Yanbu Al-Bahr

Enjoy activities like scuba diving, sailing, fishing, and jet skiing at Yanbu Beach. It boasts an extensive beachfront park spanning miles, with picnic areas, walking paths, and playgrounds for relaxation. Yanbu Beach offers a perfect mix of leisure and adventure, with accessible spots for swimming and snorkeling amid some stone or concrete waterfront sections.

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