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Versatile Saudi Artist Azhar Saeed Excels Across Multiple Creative Mediums

Raised in an artistic household, Saudi artist Azhar Saeed immersed herself in a colorful world, drawing inspiration from all around. Her artistic journey owes much to her mother, also an artist, who nurtured her artistic sensibilities. Saeed reflects, "My mother, an artist herself, cultivated our artistic perspective and refined our aesthetics alongside imparting general refined behavior."

Saeed's artistic journey spans diverse mediums, including painting, sculpture, pottery, and teaching. Her growth stems from lifelong learning, experimentation, and holistic education, unlocking new dimensions in visual art and sparking fresh creations.

Saeed's inspiration flows from human emotions, experiences, and nature's beauty. People's inner worlds, struggles, and moments of joy fuel her creativity. Nature's earthly landscapes and celestial wonders also weave magic into her art.

Saeed's noteworthy work, "Permanence," featured at the Riyadh Art's Tuwaiq Sculpture symposium, draws inspiration from human life and Riyadh's landscape. She explains, "Permanence symbolizes the pulse of life, merging art, architecture, and originality. The lines represent Arabic oud melodies, symbolizing harmonious coexistence, echoing Vision 2030's positivity and creativity."

Participating in the Tuwaiq Sculpture symposium proved to be a transformative experience for Saeed, allowing her to collaborate with sculptors from across the globe. It was a journey marked by challenges, including the mastery of formidable stone and granite, but one that ultimately yielded beautiful sculptures.

Saeed's artistic reach extends far beyond Saudi Arabia's borders. Her work has graced exhibitions and symposiums in countries such as Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Canada, the United States, Bahrain, and Lebanon. Additionally, she has actively engaged in artistic endeavors within humanitarian organizations and art studios.

In 2018, Saeed broke barriers by becoming one of the first women to participate in the Naqos Sculpture Forum in the Eastern Province. In 2019, her sculpture, titled "Love," was displayed in Misk Art.

For Saeed, the pinnacle of her artistic journey is witnessing her creations adorn public spaces, ensuring that future generations can revel in their beauty. Her role as an art teacher is equally fulfilling, as she continues to nurture young talents in the Kingdom, advising them to persevere and develop their artistic prowess.

Saeed's unwavering commitment to art as a societal force remains unchanged. She believes dedicating her energy to art brings happiness and elevates society's visual sensibilities. Her advice is clear: "Time doesn't return, so I must devote my energy to art and creativity, making society happy and refining their visual taste." To explore more of Azhar Saeed's captivating work, you can visit her gallery at

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