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Saudi Physician Innovates Herbal-Based Feminine Hygiene Products

Dr. Ahmed Al-Badr, a dedicated gynecologist, is pioneering women's healthcare in Saudi Arabia with his approved Bylsan products, driven by his unwavering commitment to enhancing women's health. Formerly a researcher and executive director in urogynecology, Dr. Ahmed Al-Badr's deep passion for herbal medicine drove him to create Bylsan, addressing the lack of women-specific herbal products in the market. Transitioning from a doctor to an entrepreneur presented its challenges, including a lack of business acumen and the search for a suitable laboratory for formula development and production. Al-Badr tirelessly navigated this learning curve, committed to bringing his vision to fruition.

Even when diagnosed with cancer, Al-Badr's determination to create these products remained unshaken. Despite the hurdles, he persevered in their development. Al-Badr actively promoted Bylsan on social media by posting videos and interacting with followers about women's health. His focus was on building trust, not just profit, by highlighting the genuine utility and purpose of his efforts. Bylsan's flagship product is a myrrh and lavender-infused vaginal wash, known for its healing properties, post-surgery pain relief, and infection risk reduction. Dr. Al-Badr is also developing four more women's health products, signaling just the start of his innovative offerings.

"I have 15 products ready for manufacturing, but financial limitations are currently hindering production. However, I'm committed to expanding the Bylsan range for comprehensive women's health solutions," Al-Badr affirmed to Arab News. Dr. Samir Ghazi Hamada, a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist at the National Guard Hospital in Dammam, lauded the advantages of the Bylsan wash. He particularly highlighted its efficacy for women experiencing fungal infections, odorous discharge, or recurrent infections.

Dr. Ghadeer Al-Shaikh, a professor and consultant in urogynecology, noted that the Bylsan wash could serve as an antiseptic agent following gynecological surgery. She emphasized its capacity to lower infection risk by getting rid of or preventing the growth of bacteria in the intimate area. Customer testimonials highlight Bylsan's success, finding it effective and allergy-free, and as a safe solution for inflammation.

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