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Saudi Arabia To Participate In A Culinary Festival In Paris

From September 7 to 10, Saudi Arabia's Culinary Arts Commission is actively engaging in the sixth International Gastronomy Village in Paris. The commission's primary objective is to elevate the worldwide recognition of Saudi chefs and their cuisine while emphasizing the rich cultural tapestry of Saudi culinary arts.

Set beneath the iconic Eiffel Tower, the commission has meticulously arranged four zones for this event. The first zone is a bustling retail space, where visitors can explore and purchase renowned Saudi food products, including dates, kulija, molasses, and more.

In the culinary zone, skilled chefs will demonstrate their expertise in preparing traditional Saudi dishes like mutabbaq, luqaimat, mandi, qasran, and jarish, creating a sensory feast for attendees to savor.

Adjacent to this, a dedicated beverages section will offer a tantalizing array of mocktail drinks, artfully crafted with inspiration drawn from traditional Saudi ingredients, ensuring a delightful and refreshing experience for all.

Additionally, a specially designated area will cater to the presentation of Saudi coffee and dates, allowing visitors to partake in the rich and time-honored hospitality of Saudi Arabia. This immersive event serves as a splendid occasion to acquaint attendees with the inviting hospitality of Saudi Arabia and the rich spectrum of flavors showcased by the Kingdom's cuisine and beverages.

This marks Saudi Arabia's second appearance in the festival, underscoring the Ministry of Culture's dedication to fostering global exchange, in alignment with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. This initiative resonates with the ministry's overarching strategy to propel the development of Saudi arts and culture on the world stage.

The International Gastronomy Village stands as an annual festival dedicated to the celebration of culinary arts and the rich tapestry of global food culture. Its core mission is to provide a platform for the presentation of diverse culinary products and immersive experiences, thereby fostering greater appreciation and awareness of international culinary traditions.

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