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Sara Murad Launches Eponymous Luxury Fragrance Label

Saudi Arabia’s iconic television host, presenter and media personality Sara Murad announces the launch of her fragrance line, By Sara Murad. Set to launch this September, By Sara Murad’s first fragrance ‘Black Oud’ is a unique and long-lasting perfume that captures the essence of her personal and professional journey to create an empowering fragrance that exudes power and confidence.

The inspiration to embark on an entrepreneurial journey for Sara came from seeing the women around her succeed and advance in various fields which fueled Sara to pursue her passion.

“Throughout my professional journey, I have been surrounded by people who have uplifted me and empowered me to keep going forward. The dawn of By Sara Murad resonates with that very essence where each note weaves stories of strength, beauty, and passion.”, says Sara Murad.

With 5,000 bottles launching exclusively in the GCC at, the limited-edition Black Oud is a gender-neutral scent that presents a new world of indulgence. Bold and intense, it opens with notes that evoke a unique woody warmth. Embracing the essence of timeless elegance, Black Oud is a blend of the most coveted and cherished aromatic notes with Oud, known as the “black gold” of perfumery at the center of the fragrance, anchored with euphoric notes of Leather and Amber.

Conceptualized in the Middle East and developed in France alongside Europe’s globally-renowned perfumers, By Sara Murad blends a mélange of cultures from across the East and the West, while staying true to its founder’s roots featuring traditional notes, iconic to the region.

For Sara, fragrance holds a deeply personal meaning and the core of her eponymous brand is to be a fragrance house where each perfume is handcrafted to tell distinctive stories about empowerment and confidence. The launch of By Sara Murad started with an idea of wanting to combine the love people have for fragrances while paying homage to the rich culture and heritage of the Middle East. Conceptualized in 2021 and with over two years in the making, Sara continues to be closely involved in the creation process, surrounded by a team of experts who have collectively contributed to developing the formula for the house’s debut scent, ‘Black Oud’.

A fragrance line created for the region, from the region, By Sara Murad exudes charm mirrored in both its polished design and striking scent. Encasing luxury in its meticulously crafted statement black bottle, Black Oud portrays the synergy between Sara’s generous personality and her unwavering passion. Having tried a variety of international brands, Sara was driven to discover a pure Oud-based fragrance with a formulation that truly brings its essence to life. She set out to create a scent that embodies the cultural significance of its hero ingredient while promising the epitome of quality and excellence of fine fragrance.

“For my first signature scent, I knew that it had to have an element of Oud given its long association with power and the way it evokes the essence of the Middle Eastern heritage,” Sara explains.

“Black Oud has been crafted to take you on a sensorial journey that resonates with the heart and ignites your confidence to leave an everlasting imprint of self-expression.” An olfactory translation of confidence and elegance that is lavish and uncompromising, the creation of this scent embodies and celebrates the beauty of individuality and sophistication which have always been key pillars of Sara’s personal and professional journey.

Crafted with an unwavering dedication to elegance and woven with the finest ingredients, Black Oud By Sara Murad brings a new era of sophistication and allure with an unparalleled sensory experience.

By Sara Murad’s limited-edition ‘Black Oud’ launches on this September with shipping across the GCC, priced at AED 695 / SAR 795.

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