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Pioneering Lebanese Competitor Championing the Arab World at FW Nations Cup

Lebanon's athletes are gaining recognition on a global scale, as the nation eagerly anticipates its thrilling involvement in the upcoming Formula Woman Nation's Cup.

Reintroduced in 2020, Formula Woman embraces a core objective of empowering women within the realm of motorsport, offering them a platform to engage in international competition. The prestigious event, scheduled for March 2024 at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit, will witness Lebanon proudly taking its place alongside a roster of participating countries such as the United States, Canada, India, and Germany.

Leading the charge for Lebanon is Pia-Maria El Boueri, an individual of multifaceted talents. Equipped with the necessary resources to bolster her racing career, El Boueri has secured her position as the first and only Lebanese woman to represent Lebanon and the Arab world, in the FW Nations Cup. Come March 2024, she will set out for the UAE, competing on the renowned F1 Circuit alongside a cohort of 50 women representing 26 countries.

This achieved distinction is a testament to her remarkable achievements. Notably, she not only graduated with top honors in Law from a Lebanese institution but also pursued advanced studies, obtaining a master's degree (LLM) from the prestigious University of Bristol in the UK, and achieving a Postgraduate Degree in Law (GDL) with Merit from BPP University. Her passion for racing found a strong ally in the form of Formula Woman in the United Kingdom.

Beyond her impressive academic and professional accomplishments, El Boueri is blazing a trail in the world of racing and displaying a degree of proficiency that she plans to use to boost Lebanon's profile on a worldwide scale.

El Boueri's aspiration extends beyond personal success; she hopes to inspire women to venture into motorsports, despite the prevailing limitations in support both in Lebanon and throughout the Arab world. Her journey exemplifies determination and resilience, standing as a beacon for women pursuing their passions in male-dominated arenas.

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