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Ferragamo Renaissance Collection Features Model And Muse Mona Tougaard

The latest campaign by Ferragamo embraces the spirit of the Renaissance and pays homage to its rich Italian heritage, featuring the enchanting presence of Mona Tougaard. This accomplished model, with a diverse lineage that includes Danish, Turkish, Somali, and Ethiopian roots, is pictured in the campaign alongside well-known runway models. Together, they are showcased against the backdrop of resplendent Renaissance artworks on loan from Florence's renowned Uffizi Gallery, a treasure trove of classical sculptures and paintings.

Mona Tougaard elegantly features in the campaign, wearing a maxi dress that delicately drapes over her shoulders. The ashen hue of her attire harmoniously complements the vibrant acrylic backdrop, while she carries the iconic Hug bag of the fashion house. Her poses pay homage to the grandeur of the Italian Renaissance epoch, evoking the essence of Francesco Granacci's masterpiece from around 1515.

Notably, this is not the model's sole endeavor this month, as she has also contributed to Chanel's recent campaign titled "Summer To-Go Essentials." Tougaard showcased the application of Chanel's "Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream" through an Instagram tutorial. This video offered insights on achieving a radiant and sun-kissed summer appearance using the product. The tutorial encouraged the use of the kabuki brush to apply the bronzing cream to areas where sunlight naturally kisses the skin. Available in a convenient travel-friendly size, this product promises a luminous glow throughout the summer season.

Tougaard's collaboration with Chanel is not new; previously, she graced the cobblestone paths along the Seine River during Chanel's haute couture collection showcase in Paris. This collection aimed to capture the essence of a Parisienne who embodies both strength and delicacy, a concept elegantly portrayed through Tougaard's black straight-leg jumpsuit with floral accents. Nora Attal, a British-Moroccan model, joined her, adding to the collection's flair with a floral dress.

In addition to Chanel, Mona Tougaard also recently participated in a campaign for the esteemed Italian luxury brand Tod's, under the creative direction of Walter Chiapponi. The campaign spotlighted iconic Tod's accessories like the Di Bag and featured their loafers embellished with innovative horse-bit details. This collaborative journey underscores Tougaard's prowess as a model, showcasing her versatility and ability to seamlessly embody diverse aesthetics across the fashion spectrum.

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