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Must-Follow Saudi TikTokers for Instant Entertainment

TikTok creators are crafting a new wave of content, spanning from fashion tips and beauty guides to humorous short acts and informative educational segments, capturing the attention of millions globally. We've identified a selection of Saudi TikTokers who you should absolutely track. Continuously pushing the limits of their creativity, they consistently captivate their viewers with engaging content related to fashion, beauty, and entertainment.

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Darin AlBayed

Raised in Jeddah, Lebanese actress and content creator challenged norms and followed her unique journey. Recognized for her relatable sketches and performances, the comedian has amassed a following exceeding 230,000 on the platform.

TikTok: @darin.albayed

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Malak Al Dawood

The online innovator presents her partnerships on social media, including engaging content featuring her young child on the same platform. Despite being a recent entrant to TikTok, she swiftly garnered a following by consistently expanding her profile with interactive and humorous videos.

TikTok: @malakaldawood

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Tamara Al Gabbani

In the realm of style within the region, this Saudi fashion designer, TV personality, and model distinctly stands out. Beyond that, she operates her own successful fashion brand, recognized for her impeccable appearance. Presently, she delights her followers with captivating videos, covering topics ranging from skincare rituals to responses to A-list stars' styles. Her diverse content consistently captivates and maintains a dedicated audience.

TikTok: @tamaraalgabbani

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Njoud Al Shammari

The Saudi vlogger specializing in lifestyle and comedy regularly interacts with her viewers via the interactive content she produces. Ranging from humorous advice to amusing guides, she posts a wide array of content, encompassing hair tutorials, fashion insights, and beauty videos, many of which achieved viral status on social platforms.

TikTok: @njoudsh1

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Amy Roko

Defying conventions among Arab women, she has amassed a substantial social media fan base since her Instagram debut in 2015. Infusing every video with satire, this uniquely gifted comedian crafts light-hearted content that alwyas captivates her audience.

TikTok: @amyroko

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Model Roz

Gaining worldwide attention, this well-known model garnered significant acclaim by featuring in Victoria's Secret's Pink campaign and other renowned global campaigns. Her distinctive platinum blonde hair often steals the spotlight. Continuously providing style recommendations, she displays her clothing picks on social media, ensuring we stay updated on current trends.

Tik Tok: @modelroz

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