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Meet Alia Al Banna, The Rock & Rollin Co-Founder of RollDXB

With Emirati Women’s Day approaching, let’s celebrate kickass female entrepreneur!

Alia Al Banna - the super cool Mama and Co-Founder of RollDXB – the Middle East's only indoor disco rollerskating venue.

From an early age, Alia actively competed in a wide range of sports - roller skating, show jumping, fencing, motocross, and shooting.

In 2021, after many years of rollerskating around the streets of Dubai, Alia, together with her sister Reem opened RollDXB, the region's first and only indoor rollerskating disco venue, which became an instant business success and continues to go from strength to strength.

Alia would be able to share some great insights into the process of setting up her business, aspirational tips and advice to other fellow Emirati entrepreneurs in the making, aspiring a start a dream project, and much more.

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