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The Ultimate Gifting Guide for Emirati Women's Day

August 28 celebrates all Emirati Women, honouring their devotion, dreams, and accomplishments in shaping the future of the United Arab Emirates.

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Pandora Logo Sterling Silver Bracelet with Royal Green Crystal and White Lab Charm starting from 295 AED

Designed with the future in mind, the new pieces are crafted in line with Pandora’s commitment to leadership in sustainability, with all stones being man-made and crafted in laboratories. Every piece of Pandora jewellery is meticulously hand-finished by skilled crafts people, with each piece passing through 25 different pairs of hands on average. Pandora welcomes the bright new energy of the summer, launching symbols of the golden season: a collection of personal emblems designed to define and inspire for the season ahead

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Bateel Boutique Gold Palm Gift Set starting 65 AED

Celebrate this Emirati Women’s Day with the culture of Arabia and a sense of discovery with the region’s ultimate indulgence and gifting destination, Bateel. The brand’s irresistible collections draw on the best expertise from around the globe, including over 40 chocolate delights to indulge in and an array of organic dates perfect for everyone. Bateel’s gift sets are fully customisable, offering luxurious products ideal for celebrating special occasions.

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Forever Rose London Round Chocolate Garden starting from 400 AED

Renowned luxury florist, Forever Rose London, is famous for its unique gorgeous roses that last forever. Beautifully hand crafted, those roses can last up to 3 years without water and sunlight and are available in 34 colours. A perfect gift to create an everlasting memory for your loved ones. Apart from that, Forever Rose London offers lovely fresh bouquets selected from some of the finest blooms available across the world. In addition to the brand's unique range of Forever Roses, Forever Rose London also offers a wide array of products including premium chocolates, fine jewellery and diamonds, as well as charming Forever Oud fragrances.

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Aura Living Matia Gold Bobble Painted Jar 119 AED

Celebrate Emirati Women's Day with aura Living's SS23 collection, the perfect selection for gifting. This renowned Saudi home furnishing brand artfully fuses the distinct charm of the Middle East with exemplary international design aesthetics. In honour of Emirati women's grace, strength, and individuality, aura Living presents stylish furniture and home accessories that prioritise individual taste and expression. Elevate your living spaces with the elegance and refinement offered by the diverse collections available across all their outlets, and make Emirati Women's Day truly special with a touch of aura Living's pieces.

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Leem Braided Cord Detail Caftan 399 AED

In celebration of Emirati Women's Day, the SS23 Leem’s collection embodies the essence of modest femininity and the elegance of the modern Emirati woman. Offering a range of striking staples for those who embrace culture or prefer a specific style, Leem's Emirati Women's Day collection is designed with your unique flair in mind. Inspired by sophisticated, fashion-forward designs from the runway, this collection places a keen focus on superior fabrics, graceful silhouettes, and precise cuts.

Join us in honouring the power and grace of Emirati women, and allow our collection to imbue a lasting sense of empowerment and beauty that resonates not just on this special day, but all year round.

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