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Riyadh's Essential Experiences For Enthusiastic Barbie Fans

Embracing the Barbie world, pink and Barbiecore have had a positive impact on society at large, especially in the wake of the new Barbie movie's August 10 Saudi Arabia premiere. Indulge in pink-themed experiences in Riyadh, from dining on pink treats to exploring Barbie-inspired venues. Get ready to live the Barbie dream today!

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EL&N London

EL&N London is a fantastic choice for an atmosphere inspired by Barbie. With its décor featuring pink floral walls and offerings like pink waffles with fried chicken, this whimsical eatery transports you into the world of the Barbie movie.

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Maître Choux

Craving raspberry-topped pink éclairs? Look no further, as Maître Choux has arrived at U Walk. This choux pastry expert presents an array of trademark éclairs, choux, chouquettes, and truffles. To immerse yourself in the Barbie vibe, explore their pink offerings and relish pastel treats for takeout or dine-in.

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Nine Soft Serve

Indulge in the pink trend at Nine Soft Serve with the new Barbie tubs. This Saudi delight is a must-try Barbie-themed treat. Packed with seven specially designed cups, it's perfect for sharing with friends. Also, make sure to experience the exclusive Barbie cake before it's gone.

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You need to get your hands on these adorable Barbie-themed goodies from this popular chocolate shop. They come in three scrumptious flavours, salted caramel, pecans, and a unique Barbie-inspired blend, that are the perfect complement to your pink outfit!

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Cosmo’s Pink Pitaya

You can embrace your inner Barbie by enjoying Cosmo's Pink Pitaya drink.

This dragon fruit delight has miniscule ice crystals, giving it a slushy-like texture.
To add an extra touch of pink flair, consider getting a churros loop coated with pink sprinkles.

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Lena Lu

Make a trip to Lena Lu, the fantastic bomboloni bar situated in Lumiere Mall, and try their signature cotton candy pink beverage. For an added touch of Barbie charm, order a large do-it-yourself bomboloni paired with pink frosting.

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Tokyo’s Margarita Mocktail

Elevate your experience with a unique twist on a margarita mocktail. Tokyo has truly grasped the concept by crafting a blend of strawberries, oranges, lemon, sparkling water, and strawberry extract.

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Barbie Movie

Watching the Barbie movie is a must to truly complete your Barbie experience. The eagerly awaited movie premiered on Thursday, August 10. As part of the admission, you can also receive offers from Barbiecore.
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