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Cool Inc Elevates Riyadh's Culinary Landscape with Two Iconic LA Eateries

Culinary Titans Unveil a Symphony of Global Flavors and Ambiance to Set a New Gold Standard for Riyadh's Gourmet Aficionados

In a defining move to reshape Riyadh's culinary panorama, Cool Inc unveils two history-making restaurants from the heart of Los Angeles – Bianca and Joan’s on Third. With an established reputation for showcasing top-tier eateries worldwide, Cool Inc's latest venture positions them as the undisputed pioneers of gourmet experiences in Saudi Arabia.

The Rise of Bianca in Riyadh- Opening August 18th 2023
Founded in LA in 2019 by the illustrious Vietina brothers, Gianni and Nicola, in tandem with Federico Fernandez, a former executive pastry chef at the Los Angeles Four Seasons Hotel, Bianca epitomizes a medley of Italian, Argentinean, and French culinary expertise. Named in loving tribute to their grandmother, Bianca (nicknamed Nonna Tina), Bianca seamlessly interweaves a comforting ambiance with supreme quality, a testament to her unwavering culinary passion and warmth.

Set to open its doors in Riyadh's luxury quarter, Via Riyadh, on the 18th of August 2023, Bianca promises a dining experience par excellence. Guests can anticipate a wholesome menu, accentuated by a mouthwatering variety of seasonal specials. From their signature tomato bisque avocado toast and gamberoni grilled to perfection to their crispy baguettes and fudge-laden chocolate cake, every dish paints a vivid canvas of the chefs' cultural heritage intertwined with the flavors of local communities.

But Bianca's dedication to baked brilliance doesn’t end there. Imagine an expansive selection of organic sourdough bread and opulent pastries baked fresh every day, all available for take-away, ensuring that every meal at the legendary eatery is a celebration.

Bianca will be welcoming guests from August 18th between the hours of 4pm and 1am everyday Reservation Link: Book your reservation by clicking on this link

Joan's on Third: Riyadh’s Culinary and Retail Epiphany – Starting August 2023
Mirroring its iconic status in Los Angeles, Joan's on Third arrived in Riyadh this July, promising a symphony of homestyle comfort food infused with a retail experience that’s nothing short of exceptional. Joan’s on Third is launching the retail therapy in August and it is evident that the venue not only showcases the renowned brand, but also contributes to Riyadh’s growing reputation as an international hub renowned for extraordinary culinary and shopping super brands.

From gourmet pastas and rare olive oils to exclusive truffle products and artisanal baking essentials, every shelf brims with luxury, catering to the most refined palates. Beyond a mere dining experience, Joan's promises an odyssey of flavors, with every purchase extending the adventure well beyond the confines of the restaurant. Cool Inc’s introduction of Joan's to Riyadh encapsulates a vision that pairs innovative gastronomy with an expansive retail landscape. The 'to-go' option ensures that Riyadh's discerning clientele can savor Joan's unmatched offerings at their leisure, redefining what luxury and convenience mean in the heart of Saudi Arabia.

Joan’s on Third is welcoming guests between the hours of 2pm and 12am everyday. 

As Riyadh emerges as a gastronomic epicenter, Cool Inc's ventures with Bianca and Joan’s on Third further amplify its growing international stature. With these two iconic brands now calling Riyadh home, the city's diners are set for a culinary journey that promises to be nothing short of legendary.

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