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Experience The Sport Of Kings At These Premier Locations

In Saudi horse racing stands out as an exhilarating activity. A haven for horse lovers, offering a range of riding clubs and race courts. Whether a novice or seasoned equestrian, seize the chance to stay fit and enjoy. Enroll for lessons or races and make the most of this golden opportunity.

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Al Aghar Club

A premier Saudi Arabian establishment, spans 60,000 sq. meters and boasts historic roots from its founding in 1410 AH (1990 CE). Catering to skilled equestrians, it provides comprehensive facilities, inviting competitive individuals to partake in horseback riding. The centerpiece is a thrilling five-round jumping competition. This family-friendly haven in Riyadh presents a multitude of activities, solidifying its status as a captivating destination.

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Al Areen Equestrian Club

Explore Saudi Arabia's equestrian delights at this club. Suited for families and kids, this vast and welcoming space features diverse horses, friendly trainers, and captivating activities like yoga and horseback riding. Operating for 7 years, it's an ideal destination for learning, leisure, and watching horse races in a charming, family-oriented environment.

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Al Khayala Equestrian Club

Combine horse riding and archery for ultimate lessons. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking both skills, trainers provide expert guidance in horse riding techniques, jumping, cone navigation, and archery. With skilled instruction, conquering this unique blend becomes an achievable feat.

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Caballo Equestrian Club

Discover a unique Saudi Arabian gem. Amid lush greenery and pristine sands, this dreamlike haven offers horseback riding on white beauties. Private training and breed options, including English, Middle Eastern, and Arabian horses, enhance the experience. End your visit with a captivating show by skilled equestrians, making Caballo a must-visit paradise for horse enthusiasts.

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Riyadh Stables

A top horse riding hub, begins training kids as young as 4 years old. Expert trainers guide novices and beginners, fostering riding skills and competencies. Learn horse basics and popular techniques in a safe, caring environment. This club, featuring indoor race facilities, offers a chance to connect with these majestic creatures while honing your abilities under skilled guidance.

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Voyage Equestrian Club

A sprawling hub welcoming all ages and genders, a haven for horse enthusiasts. Renowned professionals offer specialized training, granting certifications and the opportunity to earn the knight card from the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation. Enjoy stunning views and private spaces for women and families. Embrace your inner photographer with the Winter Photography Competition at this remarkable venue.

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