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Noura Al-Jabr Upholds Arab Heritage Through Equestrian Sports

Saudi equestrian Noura Al-Jabr's profound love for horses and horseback riding started at a very young age. She was enrolled in specialized schools where she studied the intricate details of training and caring for horses. She then gradually developed her skills to be exceptional at archery, tent pegging, fencing, and traditional pursuits with strong ties to the Arabian Peninsula.

She enthusiastically took part in training programs sponsored by the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation and the Ministry of Sports, demonstrating how perseverance and commitment pay off. These programs aim at nurturing skilled horse trainers in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Jabr's exceptional journey enabled her to achieve certification as the Kingdom's first mounted archery trainer and as a tent-pegging trainer.

At present, she organizes training sessions, passing on her expertise to fellow horse enthusiasts, teaching them the intricacies of archery and tent pegging while riding. These sessions have become very popular, especially among women.

Al-Jabr has travelled outside of the Kingdom to compete in these challenging sports. She has demonstrated her talent on a global scale, most notably at the tournament in Petra, Jordan. As the first Saudi horsewoman to represent her nation in tent pegging, she excelled in the event and received top marks.

Locally, Al-Jabr has also enthralled audiences with her live shows, where she demonstrates her diverse equestrian arts and skills. Her exceptional performances have been viewed at major events like the International Championship for Purebred Arabian Horses (Kahila) in Riyadh, the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, the Safari Festival in Abqaiq, and the Raml & Smr Festival in Alkhobar.

Speaking to the Saudi Press Agency, Al-Jabr expressed, "Together with my fellow equestrians, I am committed to reviving our ancient heritage and strengthening our Arab identity. I take immense pride in showcasing my equestrian and archery skills, feeling a deep connection to my land and Arab heritage. These sports embody honor, pride, and authenticity."

She further shared her aspiration for continuous growth in the equestrian realm, always adorned in traditional attire that complements the grace of Arab horses, the essence of the Arabian Peninsula, and its rich history.

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