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Blind Saudi Photographer Attributes Unique Photographs To Artistic Perception

Amjad Al-Mutairi, despite being born with a rare condition that caused her to be blind, has embraced life with an optimistic outlook and emerged as a social media sensation in the field of photography. Born with arterial tortuosity syndrome, a genetic disorder that leads to abnormal twisting and lengthening of arteries, Amjad's journey has been marked by challenges and triumphs.

Her early days were marred by bullying due to her unique appearance resulting from her condition. Overcoming these adversities, Amjad channeled her energies into her passion for photography. Undeterred by being blind in her left eye and having limited sight in her right, she harnessed programs for the visually impaired that describe images, allowing her to grasp the visual world. She defied naysayers who believed photography was beyond her reach due to her condition.

Amjad's creativity extended beyond photography itself. She conceived an innovative idea for a camera tailored to blind individuals, complete with voice output, and secured the first place in a local talent contest for her concept. Her artistic approach to photography involves capturing the emotional essence of moments, a process she considers more about sensing than merely clicking a button.

Joining TikTok introduced Amjad to an appreciative audience that resonated with her story and perspective. Her presence on the platform became a vehicle to spread the message that disabilities should not impede one's pursuit of a fulfilling life. Amjad emphasized that genuine beauty emanates from the human spirit rather than mere physical form.

As a media student at King Saud University, Amjad highlighted the facilities catering to disabled individuals at her institution, showcasing advancements like braille incorporation and specialized pathways for easy mobility. The university's supportive environment amplified her talents and promoted inclusivity.

Amjad's aspirations reach even higher as she aims to become a model, intending to demonstrate that her disability is no barrier to her excelling in any chosen endeavor. Amjad Al-Mutairi's journey exemplifies resilience, turning challenges into success, inspiring others to conquer obstacles and embrace uniqueness.

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