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TaleFlick, A Service Transforming Books Into Movies, Introduces Arabic Version

TaleFlick, a specialized content curation firm renowned for adapting books into films, now operates in Arabic, connecting local storytellers with international and regional producers. Launched in 2018 by Uri Singer and George Berry, TaleFlick facilitates untold stories' journey to the screen.

Singer's inspiration sparked from discovering "The King of Oil," recommended by Daniel Ammann in 2018. He believed such captivating tales deserved cinematic adaptation. Authors submit tales analyzed by an algorithm, and selected manuscripts undergo further evaluation by expert readers to assess adaptability. Verified studios then explore categorized content by theme or location.

TaleFlick also hosts competitions, recently selecting stories for its production division, TaleFlick Productions. Leading publishers like HarperCollins and studios including Sony Pictures, Warner Media, and HBO have engaged with the platform. |

Streaming's rise and content consumption's surge are interconnected trends. With Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia projected to contribute 55% of the Middle East's SVOD (subscription video-on-demand) revenues by 2028. Furthermore, Arabic-speaking nations in the region are expected to generate $2.47 billion by 2028, fueling streaming platforms' content diversification.

Singer remarked that there is an increasing desire for authentic tales worldwide, and that audiences appreciate compelling material regardless of origin. Successes like "Masameer County" and Saudi-backed films like “Jeanne du Barry,” “Four Daughters,” and “Goodbye Julia” at Cannes highlight this trend.

The success of Saudi films like "Sattar," which broke box office records, highlights the value of locally produced entertainment. While local markets excel in creating successful indigenous films, global audiences embrace diversity, as seen with shows like "La Casa de Papel" and K-dramas.

Singer's visit to Saudi Arabia demonstrated the country's commitment to growth. Apprenticeships are designed to fill the gap left by the lack of qualified crew members by supporting Saudi talent in the US.

As similar patterns emerge throughout the Middle East and as stories are recognized on a global scale, Saudi Arabia's young film industry has attracted attention abroad.

Through its Arabic investment, TaleFlick, which supports multiple languages, highlights the potential of the Middle Eastern market. TaleFlick's strategy is based on cultural sensitivity, and a broad team of translators and screenwriters makes sure that the scripts are appropriate for the setting.

TaleFlick offers membership tiers: basic ($99), standard ($199), and premium ($499). This platform bridges diverse stories to global audiences, showcasing the power of cultural connection.

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