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110-Year-Old Nawda Al-Qahtani Starts Transformative Education Journey

At the remarkable age of 110, Nawda Al-Qahtani, a Saudi woman, has embarked on a journey back to school. With the support of the Al-Rahwa Center in the Umwah governorate, located in the Kingdom's southwest, she has set out to learn to read and write, a transformational endeavor that has enriched her life.

Nawda Al-Qahtani, who just enrolled in the center's program to eradicate illiteracy, now regularly attends class alongside more than 50 other students of all ages. The curriculum focuses on the basics of the alphabet and teachings from the Qur'an, providing a holistic approach to learning.

Nawda's son, Mohammed Al-Qahtani, expresses pride in his mother's decision to pursue education at such an advanced age. While acknowledging the difficulty of the journey, they firmly believe it is a step that fills the entire family with pride and joy. Reflecting on the past, Nawda regrets not having completed her schooling earlier, as it could have made a significant difference in her life and the lives of others.

The delay in her education was not unique to her life but a common plight faced by countless girls from rural areas and villages, constrained by geographical remoteness. However, Nawda's determination to overcome these challenges has become a beacon of inspiration for many. Her children wholeheartedly support her studies and wish they could have provided her with better educational opportunities in the past.

The branch of the Ministry of Education in Bisha posted Nawda's account, in which she thanks the rulers of the Kingdom for their efforts to tackle illiteracy. She emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts to eradicate illiteracy and pave the way for a formal education that benefits future generations, providing ample job opportunities.

The governorate's limited educational infrastructure, with only one high school for girls, poses significant challenges in the region. Nawda's family hopes for the establishment of more schools to address the issue of illiteracy and provide equal educational opportunities for all.

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