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Follow This Saudi Author Who’s Putting Her Skin Condition To Light

Abrar Al-Othman, a young Saudi woman, faces the challenges of Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare skin condition that causes blisters with minimal injury or friction. While no one else in her family has this genetic condition, it has been a significant struggle for Abrar throughout her life. The symptoms of EB, the discomfort it brings, and society's perception of her have all impacted her profoundly.

Despite facing harsh times, Abrar remains optimistic and credits her family's support for helping her embrace the challenges. With an infectious smile and a positive outlook on life, she turned to social media to spread positivity and authored three books. Initially, she preferred anonymity but eventually decided to reveal her identity, which brought her immense love and fame.

Her first book, "There is Life in Every Heart," is a collection of her thoughts gathered over the years. In her second book, "EB: My Other Half," she shared her life's journey with the illness, including the situations she encountered. Her third book, "There is One Soul Between Us," delves into human emotions from her perspective, inviting readers to express their views.

Abrar's writing garnered attention, leading her to establish deeper ties with her community, especially at the Jeddah Book Fair. However, her journey hasn't been easy. In school, some friends offered assistance with tasks, but she also faced embarrassing moments, such as bleeding on a test paper due to the pencil cutting her skin. Bullying increased after secondary school, leaving her isolated with few friends during college.

Despite facing difficulties, Abrar has become a source of inspiration, fondly referring to herself as the "EB butterfly." She has established a support group for mothers with children facing the same disease, providing valuable advice and knowledge about EB, with the added expertise of a dermatologist. 

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